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Indiana Biography Index List of Sources, "D-F"

Darby, W.J. and Jenkins, J.E. Cumberland Presbyterianism in Southern Indiana.
I977.2 I385 v.4 no.2
Title: History pamphlets.
Author: Indiana State Library.
Published: Indianapolis, 1900.

Dateline-Indianapolis. Indianapolis Project. Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.
I977.201 M341dat
Title: Dateline Indianapolis.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, [1982- ].

Dearborn County Historical Society. Newsletter.
I977.201 D285ne
Title: Newsletter / Dearborn County Historical Society.
Uniform title: Newsletter (Dearborn County Historical Society (Ind.)
Published: Lawrenceburg, Ind. : The Society, [1984- ].

DePauw Alumnus
I378 D419alu
Title: DePauw magazine. Uniform title: DePauw magazine (DePauw University. Office of Public Relations).
Published: Greencastle, IN : DePauw University, Office of Public Relations, [1993- ].

Dial. Channel 20.
I384.54 T972
for Dial and 20/Vision see I384.54 T971
Title: Dial. Channel 20/stereo 90 FM.
Uniform title: Dial. Channel 20/stereo 90 FM (Indianapolis, Ind. : 1987).
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Broadcasting, Inc.

Dial Tone
I384 D536t
Title: The Dial tone.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Western Electric, [1949- ].

Dictionary of American Biography, 1937 ed.
Located in Genealogy Division, no call number

Directory and Soldiers' Register of Wayne County, Indiana, 1865.
I910 W369 1865
Title: Directory and soldiers' register of Wayne county, Indiana.
Author: Power, J. C.
Published: Richmond, Ind. : W. H. Lanthurn & Co., 1865.

I381 D618
Title: Dividend / Indiana Chamber of Commerce.
Uniform title: Dividend (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: [Indianapolis, IN] : The Chamber, [1989-1991].

Digester. Indiana Water Pollution Association.
I363.7 D572
Author: Indiana Water Pollution Control Association.
Published: Indianapolis: The Association.

Dimension. Indiana Department of Correction.
I364 D582
Title: Dimension / Indiana Department of Commerce.
Uniform title: Dimension (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Department, [1974- ].

Directions in Human Services. Community Service Council of Metropolitan Indianapolis.
I360 D598
Title: Directions in human services / Community Service Council of Metropolitan Indianapolis.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : The Council, [1984- ].

Directory of American Scholars, 1969, v. 1.
LA2311 .C32
Title: Directory of American scholars.
Published: Lancaster, Pa. : Science Press.

Discovering. Newsletter of Discovery Hall Museum
I69 D611di
Title: Discovering : newsletter of Discovery Hall Museum and Discovery Hall Associates, Inc.
Author: Discovery Hall Museum (South Bend, Ind.)
Published: South Bend, Ind. : The Museum.

The Double Eagle
I366.1 D727e
Title: The Double eagle. Indianapolis, Ancient accepted Scottish Rite.

Down in Indiana
I977.201 R192 no. 3
Title: Down in Indiana [by P.E. Goodrich].
Published: Goodrich Brothers Company, Inc., Winchester, Ind.

Duneland Notes
I977.201 P844 no. 6
Title: Duneland notes.
Author: Duneland Historical Society, Chesterton, Ind.

Dunn: History of Indianapolis, v. 2.
I977.201 M341id
Title: Greater Indianapolis; the history, the industries, the institutions, and the people of a city of a city of homes.
Author: Dunn, Jacob Piatt, 1855-1924.
Published: Chicago : Lewis Publishing Co., 1910.

Dunn: Indiana and Indianans
I977.2 D923in
Title: Indiana and Indianans : a history of aboriginal and territorial Indiana and the century of statehood.
Author: Dunn, Jacob Piatt, 1855-1924.
Published: Chicago : American Historical Society, 1919.

Dunn: Memorial Record
I977.201 M431du
Title: Memorial record of distinguished men of Indianapolis and Indiana.
Published: Chicago, New York, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1912.

Dye: Torch Bearers
I920 D995s
Title: Some torch bearers in Indiana.
Author: Dye, Charity.
Published: Indianapolis : [Printed by the Hollenbeck press, c1917].

The EMS Communicator. Indiana Emergency Medical Services Commission.
I362.1 E56
Title: The EMS communicator / Indiana Emergency Medical Services Commission.
Uniform title: EMS communicator (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, IN : [The Commission, 1974-1977].

ESR Report. The Earlham School of Religion.
I378 E12re
Title: ESR report.
Published: Richmond, IN : Earlham School of Religion, -1994.

Earlham College Bulletin
I378 E12b
Title: Bulletin.
Author: Earlham College, Richmond, Ind.

Earlham College Report
I378 E12b
Title: Report.
Author: Earlham College.
also called Earlham College Bulletin.

The Earlhamite
I378 E125
Title: Earlhamite.
Subject: Indiana --Colleges and universities.

The Eastern Indiana Farmer
I630.5 E13
Title: The Eastern Indiana farmer [microform].
Published: Knightstown, Ind. : Eastern Indiana Pub. Co.
v.24, #6 title change. For further numbers see Farmweek.

Echoes of Old Shelby. The Shelby County Historical Society Quarterly Newsletter.
I977.201 S544ec
Title: Echoes of old Shelby : the Shelby County Historical Society newsletter.
Published: Shelbyville, Ind. : The Society.

Edson - Early Ind. Presbyterianism
I285 E24
Title: Contributions to the the early history of the Presbyterian church in Indiana ...
Author: Edson, Hanford Abram, 1837-1920.
Published: Cincinnati, 1898.

Educator's Edition. A Voice of the Indiana Department of Public Instruction.
I370.5 E246
Title: Educator's edition : a voice of the Indiana Department of Public Instruction.
Published: [Indianapolis : The Department, 1977- ].

Eiteljorg Museum. Newsletter.
I708 N558e
Title: Newsletter / Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.
Author: Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.
Published: Indianapolis : The Museum.

Electric Consumer.
I380 I385r
Title: Electric consumer [microform].
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Statewide Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, 1983- .
Dates: v. 30, #7-.
For earlier issues, see
Indiana Rural News (-v. 30, #6).

Elkhart County Historical Soc. Ind.
I977.201 E43ech
Title: Elkhart County Historical Society, Inc.
Uniform title: Elkhart County Historical Society, Inc. (Series)
Published: Bristol, Ind. : The Society.

Elliott. A History of the Third Christian Church of Indianapolis.
I286.6 E46h 1943
Title: A history of the Third Christian church of Indianapolis, Indiana ...
Author: Elliott, Mrs. Frances Dwinnell.
Published: [Indianapolis].

Encyclopedia of Biography of Indiana
I920 R324 (2 vols.)
Title: Encyclopedia of biography of Indiana.
Author: Reed, George Irving.
Published: Chicago : Century Publishing and Engraving Co., 1895-1899.

Episcopal Church. Diocese of Ind. Convention. Journal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Indiana.
I283 P967e
Title: Journal of the proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the state of Indiana.
Author: Episcopal Church. Diocese of Indiana. Convention.
Published: Indianapolis : The Convention, 1840-1900.

Evangelical United Brethren Church-- North Indiana Conference.
I289.95 U58j
Title: Journal of proceedings.
Author: Evangelical United Brethren Church--Indiana Conference North.
Dates: 1951-1967.
For later issues, see United Methodist.

Evans, Madison. Biog. sketches of the pioneer preachers [c1864].
I922 E92p
Title: Biographical sketches of the pioneer preachers of Indiana.
Author: Evans, Madison.
Published: Philadelphia : J. Challen & Sons, [c1862].

Executive Quickline. Indiana Chamber of Commerce.
I381 E96 [oversized collection]
Title: Executive quickline / Indiana Chamber of Commerce.
Published: [Indianapolis, IN : The Chamber, 1989- ].

Exposition Magazine
I977.2 E96
Title: Exposition magazine.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Guide Publications].

Farm News of Sullivan County
I630.5 F233s [microfilm]
Title: The farm news of Sullivan County [microform].
Published: Marion, Ind. : Farm Publications, Inc.

I630.5 E13 [microfilm]
Title: FarmWeek [microform].
Uniform title: FarmWeek (Central Indiana farmer ed.).
Dates: -v. 24, #36.
For earlier issues, see The Eastern Indiana Farmer.

1500: quarterly publication of the Ind. Committee for the Humanities. Fall 1987
I370.112 L385i
Title: News & notes.
Uniform title: News & notes (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Indiana Humanities Council, [1990- ].

The Fifth Wheel
I629.2 F469
Title: The Fifth wheel.
Uniform title: Fifth wheel (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Motor Truck Association].

Filson Club Historical Quarterly
976.9 H673 [Genealogy Division]
Title: The Filson Club history quarterly.
Published: Louisville, Ky. : The Club.

Fins and Feathers
I799 F516
Title: Fins and feathers.
Uniform title: Fins and feathers (Indiana ed.)
Published: Minneapolis, Minnesota : Fins and Feathers Publishing Co.
Edition: [Indiana ed.].

First Ladies of Indiana and The Governors, 1816-1984 by Margaret Post
I923 I385po
Title: First ladies of Indiana and the governors.
Author: Post, Margaret Moore.
Published: Indianapolis : Printed by Pierson Printing Company, 1984.

Fiscal Policy Bulletin. Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute.
I336 F528
Title: Fiscal policy bulletin / Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : The Institute.

FLIP NOTES. Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana.
II977.201 M341IFL
Title: FLIP notes / Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, Fund for Landmark Indianapolis Properties.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : The Fund, [1986- ].

Focus. Division of Fish & Wildlife
I799 F652
Title: Focus / Division of Fish and Wildlife.
Uniform title: Focus (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : The Division, [1985- ].

Focus. Indiana Council for Economic Education.
I330.05 F652
Title: Focus.
Uniform title: Focus (West Lafayette, Ind.)
Published: [West Lafayette, Ind. : Indiana Council for Economic Education.

Focus. Vocational Education Services--Indiana University.
I371.42 F652
Title: Focus.
Uniform title: Focus (Bloomington, Ind.)
Published: Bloomington, Ind. : Vocational Education Services, Indiana University.

Focus on Economic Issues. Purdue Center for Economic Education.
I330.05 F6525
Title: Focus on economic issues.
Published: West Lafayette, IN : Purdue Center for Economic Education.

Focus on Great Lakes water quality
I628 G787i
Title: Focus on Great Lakes water quality.
Published: Windsor, Ont. : International Joint Commission, Great Lakes Regional Office.
For later issues, see Focus on International Joint Commission Activities.

Focus on Indiana Libraries
I 20.5 F652L
Title: Focus on Indiana libraries.
Published: [Indianapolis] : Indiana Library Association.

Focus on International Joint Commission Activities

Title: Focus on International Joint Commission activities.
Published: Windsor, Ont. : IJC Great Lakes Regional Office, [1986]- .
Dates: v. 11, #2 (1986)-.
For earlier issues, see Focus on Great Lakes Water Quality

Fogarty, Robert S. Dictionary of American Communal and Utopian History
IR335.97 F655di
Title: Dictionary of American communal and utopian history.
Author: Fogarty, Robert S.
Published: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1980.

Folkestone News
I781.7 F666
Title: Folkestone news.
Published: West Lafayette, IN : Folkestone, Inc., [1989- ].

Foresight. Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
I629.2 I385fo
Title: Foresight : an official publication of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Author: Indiana. Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Published: [Indianapolis] : The Bureau.
Dates: -December 1985.
For the dates 1986- , see Motor Vehicle Advisor. Ind. Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Fort Wayne Children's Home. The Fort Wayne Children's Home Messenger.
I362.7 F736
Title: The Fort Wayne Children's Home messenger.
Author: Fort Wayne Children's Home.
Published: Fort Wayne, Ind. : Fort Wayne Children's Home of the Evangelical and Reformed Church, the United Church of Christ.
Dates: -v. 65, #7 (1968).
see also:
The Fort Wayne Messenger
The Crossroad Messenger
The Messenger
Crossroad The Messenger

The Fort Wayne Messenger
Title: The Fort Wayne messenger.
Author: Fort Wayne Children's Home.
Published: [Fort Wayne, Ind. : Fort Wayne Children and Maternity Homes].
Dates: v. 65 #8 (Dec. 1968)-v. 72 #32 (Feb. 1976).
See also:
The Crossroad Messenger
The Messenger
Crossroad The Messenger

The Forum. The South Bend/Mishawaka Chamber of Commerce.
I977.201 S143fo
Title: The forum.
Uniform title: Forum (South Bend, Ind.)
Published: South Bend, IN : South Bend/Mishawaka Area Chamber of Commerce.

Foster Parent Facts & Features
I362.7 N558if
Title: Foster-parent facts and features / IFCA.
Published: [Waveland, IN] : IFCA, [1984-1990].

Franklin College. Bulletin.
I378 F831b
Title: Franklin College bulletin.
Author: Franklin College (Franklin, Ind.)
Published: Franklin, Ind. : Franklin College of Indiana, [1910-1974].

Franklin College--Half Century
I378 F831hf
Title: First half century of ... Franklin college ... Franklin, Ind. [1834-1884] Jubilee exercises. June 5 to 12, 1884. Addresses, historical biographical and statistical matter, poem, hymn, general catalogue, etc.
Author: Franklin College (Franklin, Ind.). Board of Trustees.
Published: Cincinnati : Journal and messenger, 1884.

Franklin College. Reporter.
I378 F831r
Title: Franklin College reporter.
Published: Franklin, Ind. : Franklin College.

Free & Accepted Masons of Ind.-- MW Grand Lodge Proceedings.
I366.1 F855g
Title: Proceedings of meetings.
Author: Free and Accepted Masons of Indiana--M. W. Grand Lodge.

Friends, Hicksite Yearly Meeting
I289.6 I385h
Uniform Title: Minutes of Indiana Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends.

Friends. Western Yearly Meeting of Friends.
Western Yearly Meeting of Friends

Fritsch, William A. German Settlers.
I977.2 F919g
Title: German settlers and German settlements in Indiana.
Author: Fritsch, Dr. William A.