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Library Card

Who Can Obtain a Card?


Any citizen of the State of Indiana is eligible to obtain a State Library card. When a patron requests the issuance of a card, they will be required to complete the information on the Indiana State Library Card Registration Form, state form 44689, and provide a picture ID. This ID may be a valid Indiana Driver’s License; valid Indiana State identification card; valid U.S. Government issued identification (passport, military ID, permanent resident card; other employment ID with a current address; or other picture ID of this type.

Upon completion of the registration form, and provision of the picture ID, the patron will be issued a library card. Patrons must have card to check out materials. If a card is lost the replacement cost is $2.00 and will require a re-check of picture ID.

A parent or legal guardian showing proper identification may register a minor child for an Indiana State Library card. Registering a minor child for an Indiana State Library card denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fees, fines and payment for lost or damaged materials charged on such minor’s library card.

Patrons may borrow up to 15 items at one time. No more than 6 magazines or other serials may be borrowed at one time.

Indiana residents living in an area not served by a public library district may mail or telephone a request for materials. Call (317) 232-3675 for assistance.

How Do I Borrow Materials?

Materials can be borrowed from the State Library through one of the following methods:

  • Regular Loans
  • Short-term Loans
  • Interlibrary Loan

Materials are circulated through the Loan Desk to insure proper handling of returned, overdue or lost items. Decisions on whether or not to loan older material from the general collections are primarily based on their format and condition. Pre-1975 imprint materials and bound volumes of magazines (serials) are not loaned. No more than six issues of a magazine (serial) title may be borrowed at one time. A maximum of 15 items may be borrowed at one time. Renewals may be requested in-person or by telephoning (317) 232-3675.

How Long Can I Keep Materials?

The time period or length of loans varies depending on the type of material

  • Books, magazines, audiocassette tapes and vertical file (pamphlet) materials are usually loaned for 21 days upon request at the Loan Desk.
  • Federal government documents and Data Center materials are usually loaned for up to 28 days with the permission of a Reference Librarian. There may be a shorter loan period (three days) for materials in high demand.
  • Compact-Discs (CD-ROM) may be available on selected topics for borrowing for a two-week loan period, one disc per person at a time.
  • Videotapes (VHS) from the general collections may be borrowed for one week. Copyright restrictions may apply. Videos may be reserved ahead of time.
  • Short-term loans lasting from a few hours to overnight may be granted with the permission of one of our Reference Librarians. Short-term loans are processed through the Loan Desk.

Some materials do not circulate. Reference materials from any division do not circulate. The collections in the Genealogy Division do not circulate.

The bulk of the Indiana Division collections do not circulate. This includes pamphlets, photographs, maps, broadsides, original newspapers, manuscripts, county histories, Civil War regimental histories, reference books, materials published before 1950, and any item for which the Division has only one copy. Materials in poor condition do not circulate.

CIR SS 1-18-2018