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Genealogy Reference Services Policy

To standardize the methods used to provide reference services to patrons by Genealogy staff.

This policy applies to all staff within the Genealogy Division and any staff assisting in the Genealogy Division

Staff of the Genealogy Division, Indiana State Library, will answer brief, specific questions relating to particular individuals and sources via letter or the Ask a Librarian service. Research on any single request is limited to thirty (30) minutes.

Telephone inquiries are limited to fifteen (15) minutes. Persons requiring more information should be directed to the Ask a Librarian service or letter to the library.

The numerous letters, e-mails and phone calls received by the division will be answered in a timely manner in the order received with priority given to Indiana residents. Staff is not to undertake extensive research nor compile family histories for patrons. Patrons requiring in-depth research of the Genealogy collection should be directed to contact one our professional genealogy researchers.

Assistance is provided in the following priority:
1) Personal service to library users who come to the library. Patrons are served on a first come, first served basis.
2) Telephone inquiries
3) Library orientation and research resources instruction
4) E-mail reference service
5) Mail reference

GEN SA 5-20-2016