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Research Policy & Planning Division

The Research, Policy, and Planning Division was established to inform the Commission regarding the ramifications of the dynamic interrelationships of the electric and natural gas industries. The division provides advice and education on a wide variety of topics to the Commission. The Division’s work includes, but is not limited to, integrated resource planning, federal and regional oversight, evaluating changes in federal and state legislation, studying the evolution in regulation, and reviewing the economics of the energy industry and the implications for Indiana.

Below you will find information about utilities’ integrated resource plans, Commission reports, conference and forums hosted by the Division, and state and national resources regarding the electricity and national gas industries.

To contact the Research, Policy, and Planning Division, please call 317-232-2736.

Integrated Resource Plans

Utilities must engage in integrated resource planning, in which they plan on both a short-term and long-term basis by evaluating available resource alternatives to meet a utility’s future electricity requirements. Electric utilities are required to submit integrated resource plans to the commission. Find these IRPs, as well as Director reports and all submitted comments, by clicking the link below.

Visit the IRP website

Indiana Technical Reference Manual (for Energy Efficiency Programs)

The purpose of the Indiana Technical Reference Manual Workbook v1.0 is to provide a consistent and transparent basis for calculating energy and gas savings from Indiana's energy efficiency program measures, based on the methodologies, algorithms and assumptions used in the Version 10.0 of the Illinois Technical Resource Manual (TRM). By design, this product is intended to be used in conjunction with the publicly available Illinois TRM volumes, which can be accessed via the Illinois Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group website, and is not designed to be used as a standalone document. Within each section, direction is given to properly incorporate and/or substitute the Indiana-specific considerations to better reflect the state’s market. The Indiana TRM also includes a selection of measures not found in the Illinois volumes.

Indiana TRM was created by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and developed as part of a collaborative effort under the Indiana TRM Committee, which consists of the following entities: AES Indiana, CenterPoint Energy Indiana, Citizens Action Coalition, Duke Energy Indiana, Indiana Michigan Power Company, Northern Indiana Public Service Company, LLC, Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor, and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

Click the link below to download the Indiana TRM v1.0. Instructions, along with a user guide and helpful examples, can be found within the document. For questions about the Indiana TRM, please contact the IURC Director of Research, Policy, and Planning Dr. Brad Borum at

Download the Indiana TRM Workbook v1.0

Accompanying website: Illinois Technical Reference Manual Version 10.0

Commission Reports

Conferences & Forums

State & National Resources

Additional Resources

For additional resources about the electric and natural gas industries, please click here.