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Non-General Fund Revenue

The Non-General Fund Revenue dashboard provides an overview of state revenue by agency and fund outside of the General Fund. This revenue is displayed by function of government, funding source, agency, legal fund or account.

To enhance the website experience all of the data is available for downloading through the state’s Data Hub. Please go here to retrieve the full data sets of information.

Related Agencies

State Comptroller maintains the state’s financial records and reports, oversees and distributes local government tax distributions, pays the state’s bills and employees.

Department of Revenue (DOR) administers the tax laws of the State of Indiana in an equitable and courteous manner to promote the highest degree of public trust and voluntary compliance.

State Budget Agency (SBA) serves as fiscal analyst, administrative budget officer, fiscal forecaster and fiscal policy adviser to the Governor.

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Browse and download the State of Indiana’s publicly-available datasets to gain insight into current data trends around the state.

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