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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 800-273-TALK (8255).

Indiana has five National Suicide Prevention Lifeline centers.

Families First


A Better Way Services

Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County, Inc.

Crisis Contact

The five crisis centers cover 37 counties and answered 17,982 calls in 2017.

See the covered counties on this map.

Call To Action

Fifty-five counties are not covered by the five Indiana NSPL crisis centers. Whenever someone calls the NSPL that is in a county not covered by an Indiana crisis center, then the call is routed out of state and into the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline backup center, where calls could take five minutes or longer to be answered. We want to ensure that any Hoosier who reaches out through the NSPL not only gets a response in less than 10 seconds; but, that they get a response from the closest Hoosier NSPL Lifeline crisis center. If your organization is interested in becoming part of the NSPL – Contact Matt Taylor mtaylor@mhaofnyc.org via email and CC Christopher (Chris) Drapeau. You can also contact Chris directly at 219-258-0114.

2017 call data (including calls made to Veteran Crisis Line) by county