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NEDSS Base System (NBS)

The NEDSS Base System (NBS) is an electronic disease reporting and case management platform supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On January 1, 2019 the Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and Viral Hepatitis programs at the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) plan to transition their individual electronic disease surveillance and monitoring systems to the centralized NBS system.

All updates regarding the new system can be found on this page, including general information about the NBS system, ISDH plans for rollout and training, and other information for users. Please be sure to check back here for additional resources and future training videos.

NBS Overview

CDC NBS Website

NBS Frequently Asked Questions

NBS Presentation

National Demo Website (not specific to Indiana): http://nbsdemo.sramanaged.com/nbs/login

​Username: demouser

There is no password. Leave it blank and press enter.

NBS Tentative Schedule

ISDH will transition to NBS on Jan. 1, 2019.

LHD Training

ISDH hosted two webinars in October to provide local health departments a brief overview of the NBS system. A recorded webinar is now available for local health departments to view below. Epidemiology Resource Center (ERC) District Field Epidemiologists are scheduling formal trainings with each health department. Training documents and videos will be posted to this website as they become available. If you have any questions, please call your ERC district field epidemiologist or call the ERC at 317-233-7125 for additional assistance.

Infection Preventionist and Other Reporter Trainings

A training video was created for infection preventionists and other reporters and can be viewed below. If after viewing the training video and user guide you still have questions, please call your ERC District Field Epidemiologist or the ERC at 317-233-7125 for additional assistance.

Training Documents

General Training Documents

NBS User Guide


NBS Glossary

NBS- Where do I start Workflow

NBS Transition Decision Tree for LHDs

NBS ELR and MR Reporting Workflow

NBS Help Desk Guidance

Field Epidemiology Map (UPDATED 10/21/19)

Hospital Reporting Guidance for NBS

NBS Reports Guide


Disease/Condition Specific Training Documents

NEW! Indiana NBS Lead Case Management Module User Guide **Updated 8/13/2020**

NEW! Local Health Department NBS Lead Case Management Training Webinar PowerPoint Slides

NEW! Updated SOP for Animal Bite Investigations in NBS

Animal Bite Reporting Guidance in NBS

TB and LTBI in NBS

Hepatitis B and C Workflow from the DRR

General Training Videos

When you open this video, the screen will display the message, “There is no content to view.” Viewers should click on the play button on the bottom left of the screen and the video will start to play. There is a long pause at the beginning of the videos, so please be patient.

Local Health Department Training Video

Reporter Training Video (Infection preventionists and other reporters)

Disease/Condition Specific Training Videos

NEW! Local Health Department NBS Lead Case Management Training Webinar Video

Hepatitis B and C Investigations in NBS video

Addressing Hepatitis B and C from the DRR video

MDRO Investigations in NBS

Enteric Investigations in NBS (Note: There was a delay in starting the recording so this link is missing the first minute of the webinar.)

NBS Reference Documents

Communicable Disease List (CD List)

NBS Questions by Program

TB – Kelly White – Kewhite@isdh.in.gov

ERC – Field epidemiologists or Charlie Clark – cclark1@isdh.in.gov

Viral Hepatitis B and C – Brittany Gross - bgross@isdh.in.gov

Lead Case Management - Sue Henry - shenry@isdh.in.gov and Teresa Kirby - tkirby@isdh.in.gov  


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