The adoption process in the State of Indiana is completed in a court of competent jurisdiction. The Division of Vital Records at the Indiana State Department of Health is responsible for amending the birth certificate after an adoption has been finalized. When amending an original birth certificate, some information such as exact location of birth may be removed, if stated in the court order. Vital Records may unseal an original birth certificate upon receipt of a court order that sets aside an adoption.

Medical History Registry

The Indiana Adoption Medical History Registry was established in 1986 and is the central repository for the storage and release of medical information. Information available through the Registry depends on the finalized date of the adoption. To request a search for medical history information from the Medical History Registry, please complete and submit Form 47261, along with appropriate identification. The search costs $25.00.

Adoptions Filed After January 1, 1986:

All petitions filed after this date must include a Comprehensive Medical Report. This report reflects the health status and medical history of the adoptee and the adoptee’s birth parents, but contains no identifying information.

Adoptions Filed Before January 1, 1986:

If the adoption occurred prior to this date, it is unlikely the Indiana State Department of Health will be able to obtain medical history. As such, it should be taken into consideration to register with the Adoption History Program using Form 13342. However, adoptions that occurred prior to this date may have medical information submitted by the biological parents or pre-adoptee sibling. Many register with the Adoption History Program and submit medical information.

Adoption Matching Registry

Indiana initiated an Adoption History Program in 1988 (IC 31-19-18) to allow for the release of medical, non-identifying, and identifying information. To register for the Adoption History Program, please call (317) 233-7279 or email Darci Haight at An individual must be 18 years or older to register. Please note it may take up to eight (8) weeks to process requests after receipt.

To request information from the Adoption History Program, related individuals may register with the Adoption Matching Registry. Individuals eligible to register include an adult adoptee, adoptive parent, birth parent, and birth sibling. Spouses and relatives of the deceased adoptee or deceased birth parent may register with the appropriate proof of relationship. To receive Adoption Information, the individual seeking information must be at least 21 years old, and complete both forms, identifying and non-identifying.

A request may be submitted to obtain non-identifying information by completing and submitting Form 47897. A request may be submitted to obtain identifying information by completing and submitting Form 47896. Identifying information can be released only when both the adult adoptee and the birth parent register with the Indiana Adoption History Program or if there is proof that the other person is deceased, by obituary or copy of a death certificate. A birth parent, or parents, may also restrict the release of identifying information by completing and submitting Form 46392.