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2010 Recalls

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The Indiana State Department of Health Food Protection Program reports all recalls potentially affecting Indiana residents to local health departments and other related agencies. Recalls are issued by manufacturers of food and drug products, but are done so on a voluntary basis with guidance by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), which regulates meat and poultry products, or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates all other products.

If you have a question about a recall, you may contact your local health department or the manufacturer for information. You can also access the FDA or USDA websites for further details.

Recall Item Recall Date
Bach Cuc Beef Jerky, Inc. Recall 12/30/2010
J&D Produce Inc. Recall 12/30/2010
Tiny Greens Recall 12/30/2010
Pfizer Recall 12/27/2010
Abbott Diabetes Care Recall 12/27/2010
RockHard Laboratories Recall 12/27/2010
Whole Foods Market Recall 2 12/27/2010
Brand Castle, LLC Recall 12/27/2010
JFC International Inc. Recall 12/21/2010
YNot Foods, Inc. Recall 12/20/2010
The Kroger Co. Recall 12/20/2010
Sally Jackson Cheese Recall 12/17/2010
Brinkman Turkey Farms Inc. Recall  12/17/2010
Tropical Nut & Fruit Recall 2 12/17/2010
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Recall 2 12/17/2010
Reese Pharmaceutical Company Recall 12/13/2010
Tofutti Brands, Inc. Recall 12/13/2010
S & S Food, Inc. Recall 12/08/2010
Intelli Health Products Expanded Recall 12/06/2010
The Suter Company, Inc. Recall 12/06/2010
Frontier Natural Products Co-op Recall 12/03/2010
Bravo Farms Expanded Recall 11/24/2010
Artisan Confections Company Recall 11/24/2010
Krunchers! Inc. Recall 11/23/2010
Liz Lovely, Inc. Recall 11/17/2010
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. Expanded Recall 11/16/2010
New Braunfels Smokehouse Recall 11/15/2010
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. Conducts Voluntary Egg Recall 11/08/2010
Products containing Cilantro - Orval Kent Food Company 11/08/2010
Intelli Health Products Recall 11/04/2010
B. Braun Medical Inc. Recall 11/01/2010
Colombina S. A. Recall 10/25/2010
Sangar Fresh Cut Produce Recall 10/25/2010
Nestle USA's Confections & Snack Division Recall 10/25/2010
Klement Sausage Company, Inc. Recall 10/25/2010
TYLENOL 8 Hour Caplets 50 Count Sold in United States and Puerto Rico 10/19/2010
The Pictsweet Company Recall 10/18/2010
LIPITOR 10/12/2010
Slimming Beauty Capsules 10/12/2010
Abbott Laboratories Meridia 10/11/2010
Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. Recall 10/12/2010
Gaspari Nutrition Inc. Recall 10/08/2010
Rising Dough Bakery Recall 10/04/2010
Hostess Brands, Inc. Recall 10/01/2010
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Recall 09/29/2010
Mekong Fresh Meats Recall 09/27/2010
House of Spices Recall 09/22/2010
Abbott Recall 0922/2010
Dough Masters Inc. Recall 09/20/2010
iForce Nutrition, LLC Recall 09/20/2010
Advanced Muscle Science Recall 09/20/2010
Fizogen Precision Technologies Recall 09/20/2010
KiloSports Inc. Recall 09/20/2010
Genetic Edge Technologies Recall 09/20/2010
Sampco, Inc. Chicago, IL Recall 09/14/2010
The Hartz Mountain Corporation Recall 09/07/2010
Sparboe Farms Recall 2 09/07/2010
Torn & Glasser Recall 09/02/2010
Sparboe Farms Recall 09/02/2010
Morningland and Ozark Hills Farm Cheese Recall 08/31/2010
Natural Wellness Recall 2 08/25/2010
Zemco Industries Recall 08/24/2010
Hillandale Farms Recall 08/20/2010
Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Recall 08/19/2010
J & H Besta Corp. Recall 3 08/19/2010
NBTY Acquisition LLC Recall 08/19/2010
Elie Baking Corp. Recall 08/19/2010
Contessa Premium Foods, Inc. Recall 08/17/2010
Merrick Pet Care, Inc. Expanded Recall 08/17/2010
Prolatis' Recall 08/16/2010
Wright County Egg Recall 08/16/2010
Goya Foods, Inc. Recall 08/16/2010
Novacare LLC Recall 08/11/2010
Fresh Express Recall 08/11/2010
EZVille, Ltd. Solo Slim Recall 08/09/2010
EZVille, Ltd. Recall 08/09/2010
The South Bend Chocolate Company Recall 08/09/2010
Optimus, Inc. d/b/a/ Marky's Recall 08/05/2010
Merrick Pet Care, Inc. Recall 2 08/05/2010
The Proctor & Gamble Company Recall 3 08/03/2010
Lundbeck Inc. Recall 08/02/2010
Bay Valley Foods Recall 08/02/2010
Nutraloid Labs Inc. Recall 07/30/2010
Biggers & Callaham LLC. Recall 07/28/2010
Bausch + Lomb Recall 07/28/2010
The Proctor & Gamble Company Recall 2 07/28/2010
J & H Besta Corp. Recall 2 07/23/2010
Quong Hop & Co. Recall 07/23/2010
DeBoles Nutritional Foods, Inc. Voluntary Recall 07/22/2010
Good Health, Inc. Recall 07/20/2010
Perdue Farms, Inc. Recall 2 07/20/2010
J & H Besta Corp. Recall 07/19/2010
Bristol-Myers Squibb Recall 07/14/2010
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Recall 07/09/2010
M & K II Co. Recall 07/07/2010
Merrick Pet Care, Inc. Recall 07/06/2010
Rocky Mountain Natural Meats Recall 07/06/2010
United Pet Group Extended Recall 07/06/2010
Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc. Recall 07/01/2010
I Dolce Inc. dba Roba Dolce Recall 07/01/2010
Feline's Pride Recall 07/01/2010
Tri-Union Seafoods LLC Recall 07/01/2010
Pure Base Distribution, LLC Recall 07/01/2010
Kellogg Company Recall 07/01/2010
INZ Distributors Inc/Magic Power Coffee Inc. Recall 07/01/2010
The Proctor & Gamble Company Recall 07/01/2010
Great Kitchens, Inc. Recall 06/28/210
United Pet Group Recall 06/23/2010
Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Recall 06/21/2010
ConAgra Foods Packaged Foods, LLC Recall 06/18/2010
Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. (KNG) Recall 06/18/2010
Campbell Soup Suppy Company, LLC Recall 06/18/2010
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Expanded Recall 06/17/2010
Portland Shellfish Company, Inc. Recall 06/17/2010
Kroger Recalls Select Containers of Deluxe Chocolate Paradise Ice Cream 06/14/2010
The Proctor and Gamble Company Recall 06/10/2010
Defibtech, LLC Recall 06/09/2010
Kent Nutrition Group, Inc. Recall 06/03/2010
Blacksmith Brands, Inc. Recall 06/01/2010
Better Made Snack Foods Recall 06/01/2010
Wally's Nut House, LLC Recall 06/01/2010
Fresh Express Recall 05/25/2010
Caldwell Fresh Foods Recall 05/24/2010
Rise'N Roll Bakery Recall 1 05/21/2010
Rise 'N Roll Bakery Recall 05/21/2010
Sampco, Inc. Recall 05/17/2010
Amish Wedding Foods, Inc. Recall 05/14/2010
Ryt-way Industries LLC Recall 05/14/2010
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Recall 05/11/2010
Mt. Vikos, Inc. Recal 05/07/2010
Freshway Foods Recall 05/06/2010
Nestle USA Recall 05/052010
Orlando Greco & Son Imports Recall 05/05/2010
American Herbal Lab, Inc.- FDA News Release 05/03/2010
McNeil Consumer Healthcare 05/03/2010
Beltex Corporation Recall 04/22/2010
Purina Mills, LLC Recall 04/19/2010
StarKist Co. Recall 04/19/2010
Westlake Food Corporation Recall 04/19/2010
Atlas Operations, Inc. Recall 04/14/2010
Response Products Recall 04/13/2010
McCormick & Company Inc. Recall 04/08/2010
US Oftalmi Recall 04/08/2010
North American Bison Co-op Recall 04/06/2010
Kanec USA Inc. Recall 04/06/2010
Whole Foods Market Recall 04/06/2010
Dutch Valley Food Distributors Recall 04/05/2010
Golden Pacific Foods, Inc. Recall 04/05/2010
Glutino Food Group Recall 04/05/2010
Watkins Inc Recall 04/05/2010
Zatarain's Recall 04/05/2010
Bass Pro Shops Recall 04/01/2010
Lance Inc Recall 04/01/2010
Natural Wellness Recall 03/31/2010
Modern Products Inc Recall 03/30/2010
Perfect Candy & Packaging Co Inc 03/30/2010
FDA News Release 03/29/2010
FDA News Release Outbreak Associated with Oysters 03/29/2010
C H Guenther & Son, Inc Recall 4 03/25/2010
C H Guenther & Son, Inc Recall 3 03/25/2010
Blue Line Foodservice Distribution Recall 03/24/2010
Walong Marketing Inc Recall2 03/24/2010
C H Guenther & Son, Inc Recall2 03/23/2010
McCain_Foods_USA_Recall 03/23/2010
Perdue_Farms_Inc_Recall 03/19/2010
The_Kroger_Company_Recall 03/19/2010
CH Guenther and Son Inc Recall 03/18/2010
Emmi_Roth_Kase_USA_Recall 03/16/2010
Tastefully_Simple_Recall 03/16/2010
TheProctorandGambleCompanyRecall 03/12/2010
Orval Kent Recall 03/12/2010
Ventura Foods LLC Recall 03/12/2010
The Proctor and Gamble Company Recall 2 03/12/2010
McCormick and Co Inc Expanded Recall 03/12/2010
Herr Foods Inc Recall 03/12/2010
Nutritional Resources Inc Recall 03/11/2010
Olde Westport Spice Recall 03/11/2010
Mrs Gerrys Kitchen Inc Recall 03/11/2010
Dutch Valley Food Distributors Recall 03/11/2010
Frontier Natural Products Co op Recall 03/11/2010
Quaker Snack Mix Baked Cheddar Recall 03/11/2010
Ruiz Foods Inc Recall 03/11/2010
Windsor Food Recall 03/10/2010
Natures Variety Expands Recall 03/09/2010
Nestle Professional North America Recall 03/09/2010
Creative Contract Packaging Corp Recall 03/08/2010
National Pretzel Company Recall 03/08/2010
McCormick and Company Inc Recall 03/08/2010
Mincing Overseas Spice Company Recall 03/08/2010
Fresh Food Concepts Inc Recall 03/08/2010
Concord Foods Inc Recall 03/05/2010
Homemade Gourmet Recall 03/05/2010
Resers Find Foods Inc Recall 03/05/2010
Tims Cascade Snacks Recall 03/03/2010
Castella Imports Recall 03/03/2010
Randolph Packing Co Inc Recall 03/03/2010
T Marzetti Company Recall 03/02/2010
Heartland Foods Inc Recall 03/02/2010
Johnny's Fine Foods recall 03/01/2010
Traders Joes Company Recall 2 02/26/2010
LifeScan Recall 02/26/2010
Trader Joes Company Expanded Recall 02/23/2010
Lovin Oven LLC Recall 02/22/2010
Walong Marketing Inc Recall 02/17/2010
Daniele International Inc Expands Recall 2 02/17/2010
Daniele Western Meat Packers Recall 02/15/2010
Trader Joes Company Recall 02/12/2010
Natures Variety Recall 02/11/2010
Schmalz European Provisions Recall 02/10/2010
Daniele International Inc Expands Recall 02/04/2010
Cousins Products LLC Recall 02/04/2010
Pierino Frozen Foods Inc Recall 02/03/2010
West Missouri Beef LLC 02/02/2010
Daniele International Inc Recall Expanded 01/31/2010
Daniele International Inc Recall Update 01/29/2010
FDA News Release Class 1 Recall 01/26/2010
Nipro Medical Corporation Recall 01/21/2010
Well Luck Co Inc Recall 01/20/2010
Daniele International Inc Recall 01/23/2010
Expanded Recall of Parker Cheeses Firm Press Release from The Wisconsin Cheeseman 01/22/2010
Park 100 Foods Inc Recall may contain foreign materials 01/21/2010
McNeil Consumer Healthcare Recall of Certain Over the Counter Products 01/19/2010
FDA Health Alert for Merrick Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats 01/19/2010
Parkers Farm Inc Expands Recall 01/19/2010
MuscleMaster.com Recall Products believed to contain ingredients that are steroids 01/19/2010
Heluva Good Recalls Cold Pack Cheese Products 01/13/2010
Parkers Farm Inc Recalls Several Products Because of Possible Health Risk 01/13/2010
Recall of Harry London Chocolate Pecan Carmel Stars 01/07/2010