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IOT Vendor Engagement

To do business with the State of Indiana, vendors must adhere to the policies and enterprise standards that collectively constitute the Indiana Office of Technology's Information Security Framework (ISF). Vendors must complete a non-disclosure agreement to access IOT's ISF.

To request and secure access to IOT's Information Security Framework (ISF), vendors should complete the following steps:

  • After receiving electronic verification of approval, vendors can then access the ISF webpage to download the Indiana Statewide IT policies, review the list of individual Enterprise Standardized Technologies, and review the individual technology standards that apply to the product or service being provided to the State of Indiana.

Questions about this process may be sent to IOT via the following email:

Please include the following information in the email correspondence so that IOT may better assist in responding to your inquiry:

  • The subject line of your email must state: [Company name] ISF Inquiries [Date of Request]
  • The subject body of the email must include all of the following information:
    • The name(s) of applicable vendor representatives with direct contact information
    • The name of your company
    • The complete Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) number associated with your business need for the ISF, if available
    • The name of the State agency with which you are conducting business
    • The issue or question for IOT