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Retired INPRS Member Resources

Stay with INPRS After Retirement

Even during life after employment, you still need to check in with INPRS. Below are links to resources that will help you stay connected to us. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to speak with an INPRS Member Advocate by phone at (844) GO-INPRS or (844) 464-6777.

2022 1099s will be mailed by Jan. 31, 2023.

Please allow for normal delivery time. 2022 1099-R forms will also be available for download on retirees' online accounts. Reprints may be requested beginning, Feb. 14, 2023.

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Systematic Withdrawal Plan for Retirees

Retiring INPRS members may select a new option for accessing their defined contribution (DC) account balance called a systematic withdrawal plan (SWP).

Systematic withdrawals (sometimes referred to as installments) allow you to set up a payment schedule from your INPRS DC account on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. The remaining balance of your DC account will continue to be invested in the market based on your elections while you are receiving systematic withdrawals. Members who choose this option can make changes at any time, even discontinuing the withdrawals completely. In fact, it is wise to review your withdrawal amounts and investment returns on a regular basis, such as once a year.

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Healthcare for Retirees

State of Indiana Retired Medical Benefits Account Plan

The State of Indiana has established this plan as a benefit to retired employees who are eligible for and have received a normal, unreduced, or disability retirement benefit. Qualified retirees of the State are eligible to receive benefits from this plan. Depending on the conditions and limitations described in the plan, qualified retirees will be reimbursed from their Reimbursement Accounts for Qualifying Expenses incurred by them and/or their Covered Dependents.

Learn more about the RMBA plan

TRF-Sponsored Anthem Healthcare Plans

TRF offers you this Anthem Medicare Preferred (PPO) with Senior Rx Plus Comprehensive plan (Anthem Medicare Comprehensive plan), that includes many health resources, and benefits that Original Medicare does not offer.

Learn more about the Anthem Medicare Preferred plan (PPO)

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