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New Public Employees: You have 60 days to decide which one is right for you

As a new employee, you have 60 days from your date of hire to choose between two retirement options – the traditional PERF Hybrid plan (defined benefit plus a defined contribution (DC) account) or the My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan. If you do not choose within 60 days, you will be automatically enrolled in the designated default plan. Your choice, or default, is irrevocable so please make an informed decision.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Effective July 1, 2015, if you’re returning to PERF-covered employment with the state of Indiana, you might qualify for the plan.
    • You can choose the My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan if you WERE NOT given a choice of membership in either the Hybrid or My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan when you were previously employed in a PERF-covered position with the state of Indiana.
    • But if you’re returning to PERF-covered employment with the state of Indiana and WERE given a choice of either plan, you will stay in the plan you first chose. This is true even if you defaulted into the Hybrid plan. You are not able to switch plans.

To help you decide what plan might be best for you, please review the resources below. Our counselors can help explain the differences between the two plans; however, they cannot provide a recommendation on which plan to select. You may want to consult your tax advisor for specific financial impacts on selecting one plan over another

Fast Facts

Which option is right for you? (Side-by-side comparison chart)
These charts list the similarities and key differences of the plans in a one-page side-by-side format.

A five-question quiz to help you determine which plan may be best for you: Printable quiz

My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan FAQs

Hybrid Plan vs. My Choice FAQs

More details

At a Glance sheets
One-page summaries of each plan, these sheets provide more detail about plan specifics.

For a comprehensive list of plan benefits, please read the handbooks associated with each fund.

Investment Fund Fact Sheets

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