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Judges' Retirement System

Judges who serve in eligible courts and receive a state salary participate in the JRS. Only judges who served prior to Sept. 1, 1985, can be members of the 1977 system. If you became a judge before Sept.1, 1985, you are a member of the 1977 System, unless you elected not to participate within 20 days after you began your term as a judge. If you terminated your employment as judge and returned to your position after Aug. 31, 1985, you are still a member of the Judges' 1977 System.

If you became a judge or began service as a judge after Aug. 31, 1985, you are a member of the 1985 System. Participating members contribute 6 percent of the statutory wage for a maximum period of 22 years. The State of Indiana is responsible for paying all of the benefits provided by the plan. Currently, annual appropriations are combined with court docket fees to cover actual benefit payments.

Learn more about these retirement benefits, when they can be collected, and who pays for them below.

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