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PERF My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan Information for Employers

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  • Current: PERF My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan Information for Employers

The PERF My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan is a retirement benefit option for PERF local government units known as political subdivisions (PSDs) and new state of Indiana employees. If you would like to find out how you may be able to offer this plan to your employees, please choose from the resources below.

If you decide this plan is right for your organization, we have developed resources for you to provide to your employees here.

We are also more than happy to come to your workplace to present information and answer questions you may have about offering the plan to your employees. Contact a member of our Employer Advocate Team at (888) 876-2707.

Please review this infographic for an easy-to-follow explanation about employee and employer contributions to the My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan.

Onboarding resources for political subdivisions in the My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan

We've created two versions of an employer packet to help you explain the benefits and options of the My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan to your employees on their first day of work. Both versions are in PDF format and can either be emailed to your employees as an attachment or printed and mailed as hard copies. Please choose only one of the packets below based on which plan(s) you are offering.

Employer Resolution FAQs

  1. What plans can I offer my employees as a political subdivision employer? Click here for answer.

  2. Who determines the percentage of gross annual payroll contributed by political subdivisions who enroll their employees in PERF Hybrid? Click here for answer.

  3. Does the gross annual payroll percentage remain the same or does it change? Click here for answer.

  4. What happens if an employee fails to make an election in PERF Hybrid or the My Choice: Retirement Savings Plan?​ Click here for answer.

  5. How much can an employer match based on an employee’s additional (voluntary) contributions? Click here for answer.

  6. When will the employer's contribution come into effect for 2022? Click here for answer.

  7. Do all employers have to pay the supplemental rate? Click here for answer.

  8. How will employers submit their classes of employees covered by PERF Hybrid or the My Choice Retirement Savings Plan? Click here for answer.​​ ​​

  9. What are the appropriation requests for 2022 and 2023? Click here for answer.

  10. What are the surcharge rates for the supplemental reserve accounts? Click here for answer.

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