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INDOT Alternative Delivery

The mission of the Major Projects Delivery Division is to develop, manage and execute complex projects. Using a variety of procurement methods, including alternative delivery methods, the Major Projects Delivery team strives to get the best value for Indiana taxpayers while staying within budget and on schedule.

In collaboration with the State’s general contractor and consultant engineer partners, INDOT will continue to facilitate partnerships with private industry and local communities to meet the needs of an expanding transportation program.

The three alternative delivery methods used by the Major Projects Delivery team are Design-Build (DB), Progressive Design-Build (PDB), and Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC).

Early general contractor involvement (i.e., during the preconstruction activities) is the main difference between alternative delivery methods and the traditional Design-Bid-Build method of project delivery.

This early involvement is most useful on complex projects as it has been shown to enhance risk mitigation, accelerate delivery, increase industry collaboration, incentivize innovation in design, and provide greater cost certainty through all phases of project development.

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Easily access appendices to the Alternative Delivery Manual:
Appendix A: Alternative Delivery Summary MatrixAppendix B: Template DBLB DocumentsAppendix C: Template DBBV Documents
Appendix D: Template Progressive RFPAppendix E: Template CGMC AgreementAppendix F: Template PDB Agreement
Appendix G: Preconstruction Phase Hourly Rate PolicyAppendix H: Sample Risk RegisterAppendix I: Sample Quantity Reconciliation Sheet
Appendix J: Sample Innovation Log  

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Benefits of Alternative Delivery

  • Provides for substantial constructability integration in design development through early contractor engagement, which can help to achieve project goals.
  • Allows for schedule acceleration through all phases of the project since design and construction activities can occur simultaneously.
  • Enhances risk mitigation by using a risk register. This approach improves a project’s cost certainty, protects the contractor in the event of unanticipated changes in the scope of work, and assures INDOT that the construction cost is not inflated to include unidentified risks.
  • Increases industry collaboration and streamlines processes by forming an early contractual relationship with INDOT, the designer, and the contractor, ultimately enhancing project efficiency.


INDOT began using Design-Build in the 1990s. The authority to add Progressive Design-Build (PDB) and Construction Manager-General Contractor (CMGC) was passed in July 2023 for a five-year pilot and will further improve INDOT’s commitment to deliver the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

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