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Pavement Design

Office of Pavement Design

The Office of Pavement Design is responsible for the pavement design analyses of new, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and preservation projects for INDOT’s roadways. Our responsibilities include the pavement design analysis, alternate pavement designs (HMA and concrete) and life-cycle pavement cost analysis for INDOT roadway projects. The Office of Pavement Design also reviews and approves pavement design analyses for federal-aid LPA projects on state routes or National Highway System (NHS) routes.

Life-Cycle Pavement Cost Analysis:

Pavement ME Design files for Version 2.3:

INDOT Pavement Pavement Recycling Design Guidance: 

Prerequisite Courses for Pavement Design Engineer:

Pavement Engineering Contacts:

All pavement design requests should be sent to:
Pavement Design Coordinator
Mary Maddox
(317) 232-5024

All alternate bid pavement quantities should be sent to:
Pavement Engineer
Pankaj Patel
(317) 232-5227

Exceptions to typical pavement sections and questions regarding Pavement Design Engineer pre-qualification should be sent to:
Manager, Pavement Engineering
Kumar Dave
(317) 233-5279

Contact Information

Kumar Dave
Manager, Pavement Engineering
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave, IGCN 953

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