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Highway Design

The Highway Design Division is responsible for the design of a variety of mobility, safety, and pavement projects, the development and maintenance of roadway-related standard drawings and policies as well as roadway plan review, pavement design, and survey.

Design Team

The Highway Design and Design Review Teams are responsible for delivering quality road contract documents according to state and federal policies and guidelines in a cost effective and efficient manner. Our team offers the following services:

  • Develop quality construction plans for the INDOT Districts, including right-of-way plans for land acquisition, hearing presentation plans, accurate quantity calculations and accurate cost estimate and special provisions.
  • Coordinate with internal staffs
  • Coordinate with external agencies such as Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indiana Department of Natural Resources and Federal Highway Administration as required
  • Identify potential ways to reduce project construction and right-of-way costs
  • Provide training to new engineers and technicians
  • Plan review. Limited review to ensure compliance with state and federal policies and INDOT design guidelines
  • ADA Technical Advisory Committee. Review requests for determination of technical infeasibility or inquiry for ADA facilities during project development

Pavement Design

Pavement Design Homepage

The Pavement Design Office develops pavement designs for INDOT, focusing those pavement designs on the engineering and cost-effectiveness of the roadway pavement section. We collaborate with the district Pavement Asset Engineers and the Engineering Services Division to coordinate and synchronize the engineering data needed for  pavement designs: geotechnical investigations, pavement cores, non‚Äźdestructive testing operations (e.g., falling weight defectometer, ground penetrating radar and other methods of testing).


Survey Homepage

The Land & Aerial Survey Office supports the design, planning, construction, maintenance and operation of INDOT’s transportation system, enhancing safety, mobility and economic growth for the State of Indiana.   LASO is comprised of two primary functional areas: Land Surveying and Aerial Survey. Together they work as a team to provide high quality aerial imaging products and ground survey support.

Training and Resources

Highway Design Conference 2024

Highway Design Conference 2023

Highway Design Conference 2022

Highway Design Conference 2021

Highway Design Conference 2020

Other Training

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Contact Information

Luis A. Laracuente
Highway Engineering Director 

Rebecca Camarata
Highway Design Team Leader
Greenfield/Ft. Wayne/Seymour

Alisa Bowen
Highway Design Team Leader

Mark Orton
Design Review Team Leader 

Kumar Dave
Manager - Pavement Design

Eric Banschbach
Manager - Land & Aerial Survey Office

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