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About Disclosures

Please find general information on the different types of disclosures required to be filed by certain state workers below. Request advice or ask your agency’s Ethics Officer for additional information if you are unsure whether you need to file.

Financial Disclosure Statements

You should file a Financial Disclosure Statements annually if you are:
*    A state officer
*    A candidate for state office
*    An agency appointing authority (See IC 4-2-6-1(a)(3))
*    A division director of the Department of Administration
*    A purchasing agent within the Procurement Division of the Department of Administration
*    An agency employee, special state appointee, former agency employee, or former special state appointee with final purchasing authority
*    The chief investment officer employed by the Indiana public retirement system
*    An employee of the Indiana public retirement system with certain recommendation, selection, and management duties (See IC 4-2-6-8)
*    An employee required to do so by rule adopted by the Inspector General (See IC 4-2-6-8)

Conflicts of Interest - Decisions & Votes

You should file this form if you are a:
*    State officer
*    State employee, or
*    Special state appointee; and
You have knowledge that any of the following has a financial interest in the outcome of a decision or vote, or any matter relating to that decision or vote, that your state duties would require you to participate in:
*    Yourself;
*    a member of your immediate family;
*    a business organization in which you are serving as an officer, a director, a member, a trustee, a partner, or an employee.

Conflicts of Interest - Contracts

You should file this form if you have a financial interest in a state agency’s contract. Please note that you must not have contracting authority for the contracting agency. Also, you must file this form before executing a contract with a state agency.