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Conflicts of Interest - Contracts

A state officer, employee, or special state appointee may not knowingly have a financial interest in a contract made by an agency. The term financial interest is defined in IC 4-2-6-1. This prohibition, however, does not apply to an officer, employee, or special state appointee who (1) does not participate in or have contracting responsibility for any of the activities of the contracting agency and (2) meets the criteria in IC 4-2-6-10.5(b)(2) and (c)(1)-(5). One criterion is that the officer, employee, or special state appointee must file a written statement with the Inspector General before the officer, employee, or special state appointee executes the contract with the state agency.

Care should be taken to review IC 4-2-6-10.5 in its entirety to ensure compliance with all criteria set forth in the statute.


Important Information to Read Before Filing

You may file your Conflict of Interest - Contracts statement online or by submitting a paper copy. If you wish to submit a paper copy, you may download the statement here.  The completed, signed statement may be mailed or delivered in person to the address of the Office of the Inspector General listed on the form.

If you elect to file your statement online you are still subject to the same sanctions regarding false statements and late filing as if you would have personally signed a paper form.

If you are filing an attachment along with your financial disclosure statement, you will need to download the form and mail it in, as the online version currently does not allow for attachments.

All fields must be completed. Check the box marked "No" if you have no information to enter in a field.

Once you have completed the form, click on the SUBMIT box. You will receive an immediate acknowledgement that you should save as proof that you filed.