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Water Loss Audits

Water Loss Audits

Training Information

Water Loss Audit Workshops:





October 13, 2021

Columbia City Water

1035 IN-205,

Columbia City, IN 46725



October 27, 2021

Ferdinand Community Center

1710 Community Dr, Ferdinand, IN 47532

in-person and virtual


November 18, 2021

Greenfield Water Department

451 Meek St,

Greenfield, IN 46140

in-person and virtual


The workshop is intended for persons completing the water loss audit, and will an introduction to the new version of the American Water Works Association's  ("AWWA") Free Water Audit Software, “version 6.0”, which can be downloaded here and on the AWWA's website.  Going forward, utilities are to use version 6.0 when submitting validated water loss audits to the IFA. The IFA has partnered with the Indiana AWWA to provide this no-cost training. The class will offer six CEUs for operator certification and/or validator certification. Lunch will be provided. There is no cost to attend but registration is required.

Certified Water Loss Audit Validator training classes will be offered in Winter/Spring 2022  and is intended for existing validators and persons interested in becoming one. Day one will be a “booster” for existing validators to learn about version 6 changes, and both days will be for people new to validation that want to take the certification exam on day two. These dates will be posted here when available.

The IFA is working to provide additional audit and validator training opportunities, likely virtual ones, that will be available this winter and in 2022.

Legislative Report

The 2020 Legislative Report is complete and available below. This report is an overview of all water audit data received from 473 utilities in the state of Indiana, including total gallons of non-revenue water and its respective cost.

2020 Legislative Report

2020 Legislative Report - Appendix B - complied dataset

2020 Legislative Report - one page summary


How the Water Loss Audit Program start?

In 2015, Indiana utilities produced over 50 billion gallons of water that did not generate revenue, resulting in a loss of $54.6 million (2016 Evaluation of Indiana’s Water Utilities Report). To better understand non-revenue water, the Indiana Legislature enacted SEA 4 (2019), which obligates water utilities to complete annual water audits. In addition, in every even-numbered year, the legislation requires water loss audits to be validated by a certified, third party water audit validator (“Certified Validator”) and submitted to the IFA for compilation into a biennial report to the General Assembly. The IFA will aid utilities in completing their validated water audits.

What is a water loss audit?

In general, a water loss audit is an evaluation of the amount of water a utility pumps and sells. The main benefit of doing an audit is to identify these losses so the utility may take corrective action, which often leads to financial savings. Utilities will utilize the American Water Works Association (“AWWA”) Free Water Audit Software, which can be downloaded here and on the AWWA's website to complete the water loss audit. There is no cost to utilities to use the software.

What is a Level 1 validated water loss audit?

A Level 1 water loss audit validation aims to identify, and appropriately correct for, inaccuracies in water loss data and audit methodology where realistic and verify the selection of correct data validity grades for the data entries. The main benefit of completing a water loss audit validation by a third-party expert or trained industry professional is to improve the accuracy of water loss audit data. The IFA will call for Certified Validators to follow the most recent Water Research Foundation’s Validation manual.

What utilities are obligated to participate?

A Community Water System that supplies water to its users via meters is required to complete a water audit annually.

When are validated water loss audits due to the IFA?

Validated water loss audits are due to the IFA on August 1, 2022, and every even-numbered year thereafter.

What is the cost to validate a water loss audit?

The cost is set by the third-party Certified Validator. However, utilities may “self-certify” if the person serving as the Certified Validator holds an Indiana Water Loss Audit Validation certification and did not provide assistance during the water loss process to the utility being validated. In addition, utility personnel who are certified may serve as the Certified Validator for another utility’s water loss audit.

What resources are available to help?

Starting in the Fall of 2021 the IFA will provide no-cost, virtual/in-person water loss audit workshops, at which utilities will receive instruction on how to complete a water loss audit, using version 6.0.

Attendees will be eligible for Continuing Education and Professional Development hours. Workshop dates and locations will be posted on the IFA Water Loss Audit Website when established.

How can I find an Indiana Certified Validator?

Find the list of Certified Validators here.  IFA will update as needed.

How do I become a Certified Validator?

  1. Pass the Indiana Water Loss Audit Validator certification exam,
    1. Or possess a valid water audit validator certificate from the CA-NV AWWA or be a Qualified Water Loss Auditor in the state of Georgia.
  2. Submit a Water Loss Audit Validator Application and $250.00 fee (which covers the cost of license data management for four years) to the IFA
  3. To renew certification, Certified Validators are required to complete: 1) two water loss audit validations and two hours of Continuing Education Credits four years from the date of issuance or 2) eight hours of Continuing Education Credits four years from the date of issuance. Use the Water Loss Audit Validator Continuing Education Credit Report to submit hours to IFA.
  4. This fall, the Indiana AWWA will offer an Indiana Water Loss Audit Validator workshop, which will include information about the updates in Version 6.0 and prepare participants to take the exam. Afterward, the IFA will offer several opportunities to take the Indiana Water Loss Audit Validator certification exam. Details will be posted here when established.

    For questions about the certification exam or CEUs, please contact Eric Peterson at epeterson@ifa.in.gov.

Documents and Links

Program Documents

List of Indiana Certified Water Loss Audit Validators

Validator Guidance and Forms:

Level 1 Validation Form

Certificate of Validation

Validator Certification Application and CEU  Forms:

Water Loss Audit Validator Application

Application for Approval of Continuing Education Training

CEU Approval Guidance

Water Loss Audit Validator Continuing Education Credit Report

Contact the IFA Water Resources and Infrastructure Planning Program:

Sarah Hudson, Director, sahudson@ifa.in.gov, 317-232-2812

Eric Peterson, Project Manager, epeterson@ifa.in.gov, 317-233-7333