Ohio River Bridges - Toll System Provider

Request for Qualifications

Request for Qualifications

SOQ Teams

Request for Proposals

Toll Services Provider Industry Notification

ORB TSP 2nd Notice of RFP



RFP- Technical Requirements

Answers to Questions Regarding Responsibility Info Submittal

Revised Exhibit G to ITP Re: Responsibility Information

Responsible Proposers

Additional Information

TSP Administrative Rules

Executed Toll Service Agreement

TSA Exhibits A-C part 1

TSA Exhibit C part 2

TSA Exhibit C part 3

TSA Exhibit C-F

TSA Exhibit F-Z



Selection of Toll Service Provider

Written Statement of Preliminary Selection
Notice of Public Hearing
The Public Private Agreement
Exhibits to the Public Private Agreement
Kapsch Technical Proposal Volume I
Kapsch Technical Proposal Volume II
Kapsch Price Proposal
Kapsch Responsibility Information