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Requests for Proposals/Qualifications/Information

Request for Proposal - Water Loss Audit and Validator Training

RFP Phase I Water Audit Validation.pdf

RFP Phase II Water Audit Training.pdf

Response to RFP Questions.pdf


Request for Proposal - Central Indiana Water Study

Phase III: Water Availability Modeling and Optimization

Phase IV: Infrastructure and Cost Analysis

Phase V: Public Education and Outreach

Professional Services Agreement

Estimated Study Timeline

Responses to Questions Submitted


Request for Proposal - Toll Advisory and Oversight Services for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project

Responses to Questions Submitted

RFP - Toll Advisory and Oversight Services

Exhibit A - Professional/Personal Services Agreement

Exhibit 1 - JB-2016-3

Exhibit 2 - JB-2017-2

Exhibit 3 - JB-2017-1

Request for Proposal - Professional Services Pertaining to document Imaging and Retention

Responses to Questions Submitted

Addenda #3

Addenda #2

Addenda #1

RFP for ITR Document Imaging

Request for Information - Fixed Income Investment Manager

RFI - Fixed Income Investment Manager

Exhibit C - Sample Portfolio Composition Template

Request For Information - Operator and Manager of the State of Indiana's Communications Systems Infrastructure

RFI - Exhibits A-C

RFI Operator and Manager of the State of Indiana's Communications Systems Infrastructure

Toll Integrator RFP

Notice of Toll Integrator RFP
Request for Qualifications to Provide, Operate, Manage, and Maintain a Toll Collection System and Provide Back Office Toll Collection and Customer Service for the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project through a Toll Services Agreement - Issued October 18, 2013; SOQ Due Date December 10, 2013

Supplemental Provisions 
Q&A Matrix
LSIORB SOQ Team Members
LSIORB SOQ Proposer Teams that Passed the SOQ Evaluation
ORB Toll Procurement Notice EIS
Economic Impact Study

Request For Information - Refunding of Indiana Finance Authority's Highway Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2007A

Request for Information 2007A

Refunding Monitor

Request For Information - Construction Management Services for Indiana Neuro Diagnostic Institute

RFI - NDI CM - 7.14.16


Request For Proposal - Lead Sampling Program

Lead Sampling Program RFP 3.8.17

Lead Sampling Program Form I

Form of Outside Service Agreement

Request For Proposal - Next Level Indiana Trust Fund Program Administrator

Request For Proposal 8.7.17

Addenda #1 to Request for Proposal 8.7.17

Responses to RFP Questions 8.21.17

Addenda #2 to Request for Proposals 9.28.17

Request For Proposals - Professional Audit/Oversight Services In Connection with the Amended and Restated Indiana Toll Road Concession and Lease Agreement

Request for Proposals - Indiana Toll Road Audit Services 10.3.17