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Collective Bargaining

School employers and any exclusive representative for certificated employees must collectively bargain the teachers' contract. The mandatory subjects of bargaining listed in IC 20-29-6-4 are salary, wages, and salary and wage related fringe benefits, including accident, sickness, health, dental, vision, life, disability, retirement benefits, and paid time off (IC 20-28-9-11) are permitted to be bargained.  A grievance procedure is permissible.  The following items are no longer bargained:  Supplemental Payments pursuant to IC 20-28-9-1.5, Teacher performance grants pursuant to IC 20-43-10-3.5, and Increases based on teacher performance grants pursuant to IC 20-43-10-3.5.

Bargaining Timeline

Pre-September 15Informal negotiations may be held
Prior to 1st formal bargaining sessionParties must host a public hearing and take testimony about bargaining
September 15
  • Formal collective bargaining begins
  • DOE estimate of education fund revenue
  • School Employee Organization submits Affidavit to School Employer
October 2
  • School Employee Organization Affidavit due (Gateway)
  • Fall ADM
At least 72 hours after TA is reachedSchool Board must host a Tentative Agreement (TA) Meeting to discuss the TA prior to the Ratification Meeting. Notice of the Time and Location of the Public Meeting and the TA must be posted on the school employer's Internet website at least 72 hours prior to the TA Public Meeting.
At least 72 hours after TA MeetingSchool Board must host a Ratification Meeting and allow public comment
November 15
  • Ratified CBAs are due (Gateway)
  • Bargaining Status Form I due (Gateway

Pre-Impasse Mediation

IEERB will provide mediation services during collective bargaining when requested by the parties.  The cost will be split by the parties. Review the Guide to Bargaining and Impasse (page 8) for additional information.

Pre-Impasse Mediation Request Form

Pre-Impasse Financial Consultation

If requested by both parties, IEERB will provide financial consultation during the pre-impasse formal collective bargaining period.  The cost will be billed equally to each party. See IEERB's Pre-Impasse Financial Consultation request form below for more details.

Pre-Impasse Financial Consultant Request Form

IEERB Data Collection

IEERB collects information from parties throughout the Collective Bargaining & Impasse process.  Parties are required to:

  1. Complete the School Employee Organization Affidavit by October 1 in Gateway.
  2. Complete the Bargaining Status Form I by November 15 in Gateway.
  3. Upload the ratified and signed teachers' contract by November 15 to Gateway (unless the parties are at impasse).
  4. Complete the Collective Bargaining Report by July 30 in Gateway.