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Health Care

What are my health care rights as a person with a disability?

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that health care facilities provide equal access to health care, which can be achieved by:

  • Accessible facilities
  • Effective communication
  • Reasonable modifications to their system or practices

Can the Health Care Team help me?

If you are a person with a disability whose health-related needs are unmet or are in jeopardy, IDR may be able to help. The Health Care Team addresses issues that include but are not limited to:

  • Denial of access to health care providers or services on the basis of your disability or use of a service animal
  • Refusal to provide an effective method of communication, such as video remote interpretation or an in-person American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, in a health care setting
  • Insurance denials of medically necessary communication devices, durable medical equipment, or medicines, regardless of whether your insurer is public (like Medicaid or Medicare) or private (like Anthem or Aetna)
  • Denial of eligibility to participate in a Medicaid waiver program, such as the Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) Waiver or the Aged and Disabled (A&D) Waiver
  • Denial of transportation to or from medical appointments if you participate in Medicaid
  • Inadequate health care due to your provider’s inappropriate ethical judgments about your disability
  • Unlawful eviction from a nursing home
  • Violation of nursing home commitments in the Residents’ Bill of Rights

What issues are a priority for IDR?

IDR prioritizes certain issues for case consideration based on feedback from the disability community. If you are interested in commenting on or viewing our priorities and objectives, click here. Currently, the Health Care Team actively participates in workgroups and educates policymakers about:

  • The direct care workforce shortage
  • Self-directed Medicaid waiver services
  • Medicaid waiver transition projects
  • State compliance with the federal Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Settings Rule and HCBS violations
  • Institutional long-term care services
  • Returning to “normal” operations following the COVID-19 public health emergency
  • Continued Medicaid benefits for working adults with disabilities
  • Advance directives for people with developmental disabilities

I need IDR’s help. What do I do?

You can fill out our Help Form or call our Intake Team at 1-800-622-4845.

I don’t think I need IDR’s help yet. Are there any resources available that can help me self-advocate?

Yes, please visit our Resources webpage for more.