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Priorities & Objectives

Each year, Indiana Disability Rights (IDR) seeks input from the community to help determine the priorities and goals for the next year. Like most organizations, there are many important areas where our help is needed but we have limited funding and resources so we need your input to help us decide what areas to focus on in the coming year. Public comments may be provided by the online survey, email, mail, or in-person at the August IPAS Commission meeting.  

FY 2021 Proposed Goals & Priorities - (10/1/2020-9/30/2021)

GOAL 1: Preventing, finding, and stopping abuse, neglect, and exploitation of persons with disabilities in facilities.


  1. Conduct systemic investigations at private secured facilities and psychiatric rehabilitation treatment facilities.
  2. Investigate suspected abuse, neglect, and exploitation in facilities or by a service provider.
  3. Use monitoring authority to ensure appropriate treatment of residents in: children’s nursing homes, mental health facilities, nursing facilities, private psychiatric facilities, sheltered workshops, educational settings, waiver settings, and juvenile detention centers.

GOAL 2: Breaking down barriers and ensuring supports are available for persons with disabilities to ensure equity and inclusion in society.


  1. Provide individual legal advocacy to ensure the protection of rights for individuals with disabilities in the areas of self-determination, health care, abuse and neglect, discharge from institutions, civil rights, education, employment, justice, and voting
  2. Provide individual or systemic advocacy relating to policies or practices around COVID-19, including long-term consequences from those policies and practices.
  3. Oversee the implementation of a plan for a systemic approach to prevent unnecessary guardianships by increasing the use of supported decision making and other options for supporting independence and self-determination in adulthood.
  4. Continue to conduct impact litigation in the areas of housing, unnecessary institutionalization, and corrections.

GOAL 3: Empowering persons with disabilities by serving as a partner in rights issues, providing resources for self-advocacy and by bringing awareness through outreach to society to eliminate discrimination.


  1. Provide easily accessible pathways to the public for the purpose of contacting IDR for advocacy needs, and distribution of information, referrals, and resources to individuals.
  2. Expand the professional image, credibility, and distribution of resources through the strategic use of digital and traditional media, development of relevant, accessible resources, and implementation of an inclusive outreach program.
  3. Support the self-advocacy movement in Indiana through continued collaboration with self-advocates on voting initiatives, supported decision-making and other activities that align with the mission of IDR.
  4. Increase participation in the local, state and federal policy process including the monitoring of emerging trends in the area of disability rights, the use of strategic collaborations with other organizations, and educating legislators and policymakers regarding the impact of policies on people with disabilities.


Click here to download the FY2021 Proposed Priorities & Objectives

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Mail comments to:
Executive Director
Indiana Disability Rights
4701 N Keystone Ave., Suite 222
Indianapolis, IN 46205


Annual Priorities & Objectives Timeline:


  • Proposed Priorities & Objectives are posted online and request for community input begins.


  • Public comment period.


  • Public comment period.


  • Online public comment period closes.
  • Public may comment inperson on Proposed Priorities & Objectives at IPAS Commission meeting.
  • IPAS Commission votes to finalize the Priorities & Objectives for the next fiscal year.


  • Final Priorities & Objectives are submitted to federal funders.