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Civil Rights

What are my civil rights as a person with a disability?

  • Freedom from unlawful discrimination on the basis of disability
  • Access to public places without unreasonable physical barriers
  • Receipt of reasonable accommodations and modifications to rules, policies, and procedures needed to use and enjoy housing, government services, and public accommodations
  • Effective communication with providers of housing, government services, and public accommodations

What are some examples of reasonable accommodations and modifications?

  • Providing written materials in a format accessible to people who are blind or low vision, such as Braille or an electronic format compatible with screen reading technology
  • Providing American Sign Language (ASL) or other interpreters to individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind
  • Allowing service animals in government buildings and places of public accommodation
  • Allowing residents to make physical modifications, such as lowered kitchen counters or a roll-in shower, to improve accessibility in their homes
  • Allowing residents to keep service or emotional support animals when needed because of their disabilities
  • Making exceptions to rules and regulations by homeowners’ associations or to zoning ordinances when needed because of a resident’s disabilities
  • Providing assistive technology to college students so they can successfully complete their studies

What issues are a priority for IDR?

IDR prioritizes certain issues for case consideration based on feedback from the disability community. If you are interested in commenting on or viewing our priorities and objectives, click here. Currently, the Civil Rights Team actively participates in workgroups and educates policymakers about:

  • Rights of criminal defendants found incompetent to stand trial
  • Mental health diversion in the criminal justice setting
  • Rights of children with disabilities in the child welfare system
  • Rights of voters with print disabilities

I need IDR’s help. What do I do?

You can fill out this Help Form or call our Intake Team at 1-800-622-4845.

I don’t think I need IDR’s help yet. Are there any resources available that can help me self-advocate?

Yes, please visit our Resources webpage for more.