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Stop Call Confirm

Fight Fake Insurance.  Stop.  Call. Confirm

Don’t get scammed by fake insurance

Nobody likes to be scammed. But, unfortunately, fake insurance policies are on the rise in every line of insurance, with Indiana consumers footing the bills in unpaid claims.

Just like counterfeit money, fake insurance may appear to be legitimate, but it is actually illegal and worthless. If you buy fake insurance, you’ll pay premiums, but your claims won’t be paid.

Remember, according to Indiana law, with very few exceptions, no insurance product can be sold by individual agents, brokers, or companies without the approval of the Indiana Department of Insurance. Fake insurance is any insurance plan intended to defraud consumers or businesses.

So, how can you protect yourself against fake insurance? Just STOP … CALL … and CONFIRM before you buy insurance:

  • STOP before signing anything or writing a check
  • CALL the Indiana Department of Insurance at 1-800-622-4461 or 317-232-2385
  • CONFIRM if the company is legitimate and licensed to do business in Indiana

Contact the Indiana Department of Insurance about fake insurance or any other insurance-related questions you may have. Your call might help us track down and take action against the con artists who sell fake insurance. Call 1-800-622-4461 or visit And be sure to STOP … CALL … and CONFIRM before you buy insurance.