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Corporate Amendment Application

IDOI provides guidance and forms for modifying existing licenses in accordance with statute.  Modifications include but are not limited to name change, merger, address change, etc.  Specialized licenses have different requirements that must be followed and forms which need to be submitted.

IDOI requests that insurance companies utilize the NAIC Electronic System to submit a Uniform Certificate of Authority Corporate Amendment Application UCAA .  Since the IDOI doesn't have the capability at this time to receive electronic payments in conjunction with UCAA Corporate Applications, a request for payment will be made from IDOI of the amount owed and when payment should be remitted.  This is temporary due to the current circumstances. 

State-Specific Forms

Online Company Address Service Portal

Regulated insurance companies can complete real-time updates versus completing the Change of Address/Contact Notification (UCAA Form 14) for the following address types:

  • Administrative Office
  • Billing (Other than Examinations)
  • Catastrophe/Disaster
  • Company License and Fees
  • Deposits
  • Examination Billing
  • Form and/or Rate Filings
  • Local Office in Domestic/Foreign State Contact
  • Market Conduct
  • Mailing
  • PIN Contact
  • Policyholder Services
  • Premium Tax
  • Regulatory Compliance/Government Relations
  • U.S. Legal Counsel (for Aliens)

The Company Address Service Portal can be accessed by clicking on the below link where you will enter the company’s NAIC Company Code (NAIC ID) and assigned PIN. If you currently do not have the company's assigned PIN you will need to contact the appointed PIN contact within your company. If unknown, you may click on the "Need PIN?" link on the login page, which will provide you the name of the individual to contact within your company.

Company Address Service Portal