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Indiana Correctional Industries Central Office

Executive Leadership

Lloyd Arnold, Chief Operating Officer larnold@idoc.in.gov
Jessica Williams, Business Development Specialist jrwilliams@idoc.in.gov

Mike Herron, Director mherron@idoc.in.gov


Victor Manzo, II, Deputy Director of Operations - Southern Region  vmanzo@idoc.in.gov
Tim Minnick, Deputy Director of Operations - Commissary & Warehouse  tminnick1@idoc.in.gov
Lindsey Ellison, Deputy Director of Operations - Northern Region  lellison@idoc.in.gov

Accounting Department

Mark Spratt, Controller mspratt@idoc.in.gov
Debra Ahles, Purchase Administrator dahles@idoc.in.gov
Jeri Bennett,
Purchasing Accountant jbennett@idoc.in.gov
Truellina Buck, Accountant 2 tbuck@idoc.in.gov
Hazel Foxworthy, Accountant 2 hfoxworthy@idoc.in.gov
Pam Hefner, Purchasing Administrator 2  phefner@idoc.in.gov
Margaret Lineback, G/L Accountant mlineback@idoc.in.gov
Donna Ransom, Procurement Supervisor dransom@idoc.in.gov
Stella Rhodes, A/R Clerk srhodes@idoc.in.gov
Shannon Thompson, Accountant 2 sthompson@idoc.in.gov
Marcia Vogel, G/L Supervisor mvogel@idoc.in.gov

Engineering Department

Jim Minchin, Engineering Manager jminchin@idoc.in.gov
John Rardin,
Industrial Engineer jrardin@idoc.in.gov

Joint Ventures / New Enterprise Development

Michael Parker, New Enterprise Development / PIECP Manager mparker2@idoc.in.gov

Commissary Distribution Warehouse

Justin Brown, Lead Supervisor - Shipping  jbrown2@idoc.in.gov
Mike Jones,
Special Projects & Expansion Manager mjones2@idoc.in.gov
Patrick McFeeley, Operations Manager pmcfeeley1@idoc.in.gov

Sales Department

Patrick Rich, Sales & Marketing Manager  prich1@idoc.in.gov
Nicole D. Arb, Graphic Designer ndecellisarb@idoc.in.gov
Vicki Babbitt, Customer Service Supervisor vbabbitt@idoc.in.gov
Joseph Mulinaro, Sales Consultant  jmulinaro@idoc.in.gov
Kent Montgomery, Sales Consultant   kmontgomery@idoc.in.gov
Randy Reel, Sales Consultant   rreel@idoc.in.gov
Madeline Wiley, Customer Service Representative  mwiley@idoc.in.gov

Plant Managers & Foreman Supervisors

Branchville Correctional Facility
Beth Faust  

Correctional Industrial Facility 
Robin Featherston 

Indiana State Prison
Glenn Handzlik 

Miami Correctional Facility
Mark Eaker  meaker@idoc.in.gov

Plainfield Correctional Facility - Commissary
Patrick McFeeley

Rockville Correctional Facility
Thomas Gray  

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility 
Ryan Waffird 

Westville Correctional Facility 
Rob Wright