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Indiana Correctional Industries Central Office

Executive Leadership

Lloyd Arnold, Chief Operating Officer
Jessica Williams, Business Development Specialist

Lindsey Ellison, Director


Victor Manzo, II, Deputy Director of Operations - Southern Region
Tim Minnick, Deputy Director of Operations - Commissary & Warehouse
Mark Eaker, Deputy Director of Operations - Northern Region

Accounting Department

Mark Spratt, Controller
Jeri Bennett,
Purchasing Accountant
Truellina Buck, Accountant 2
Hazel Foxworthy, Accountant 2
Pam Hefner, Purchasing Administrator 2
Margaret Lineback, G/L Accountant
Donna Ransom, Procurement Supervisor
Stella Rhodes, A/R Clerk
Shannon Thompson, Accountant 2
Marcia Vogel, G/L Supervisor

Engineering Department

Jim Minchin, Engineering Manager
T. David Renner, Industrial Engineer

Joint Ventures / New Enterprise Development

Michael Parker, New Enterprise Development / PIECP Manager

Commissary Distribution Warehouse

Mike Jones,
Special Projects & Expansion Manager
Patrick McFeeley, Operations Manager

Sales Department

Patrick Rich, Deputy Director of Business Development & External Affairs
Nicole D. Arb, Graphic Designer
Robin Featherston, Production Inventory Supervisor
Justin Brown, Customer Service Supervisor
Joseph Mulinaro, Sales Consultant
Kent Montgomery, Sales Consultant
Randy Reel, Sales Consultant

Plant Managers & Foreman Supervisors

Branchville Correctional Facility
Beth Faust

Correctional Industrial Facility 
Adam Hollars

Indiana State Prison
Rob Wright

Miami Correctional Facility
Remington Lovegrove

Plainfield Correctional Facility - Commissary
Patrick McFeeley

Rockville Correctional Facility
Thomas Gray

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility 
Ryan Waffird

Westville Correctional Facility 
Rob Wright

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