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Indiana Correctional Industries, Developing a Workforce!

Indiana Correctional Industries is dedicated to providing incarcerated individuals real-world training programs that develop work ethics, skills and abilities to support successful reentry. By providing incarcerated individuals with real-world training programs, incarcerated individuals are provided a unique opportunity to prepare for post-release employment success by gaining classroom and hands-on experience through job training programs during incarceration. Indiana Correctional Industries fosters an environment where incarcerated individuals are encouraged to learn and enhance new skill sets while focusing on personal growth and development.

Incarcerated individuals who have worked for Indiana Correctional Industries during incarceration return to the community with both a skillset and a mindset that paves the way for long-term post-release success.

Indiana Correctional Industries’ dedicated staff work side-by-side with incarcerated individuals to teach and guide them in a positive direction to help prepare them for a successful return to society.

What type of training do offenders receive during their work assignment with Indiana Correctional Industries?

Below are some examples of real-world work experiences that incarcerated workers take part in during their time with Indiana Correctional Industries:

  • A standard interview and hiring process
  • New hire orientation and safety training
  • Job/machine specific training
  • Logistics training
  • On-the-job training
  • Related curriculum/classroom training
  • Production and team meetings
  • Performance reviews with pay-for-performance increases, when applicable
  • Basic computer training
  • Soft-skills enhancement development
  • Apprenticeship program participation

How do prison releases impact your business and community?

  • Approximately 11,000 incarcerated individuals were released from IDOC in 2019.
  • 85% of former incarcerated individuals who commit new crimes are unemployed at the time of their re-arrest.
  • Recent nationwide studies show that participants in correctional industries programs have lower recidivism rates, as much as 24% lower than incarcerated individuals who did not work in correctional industries during incarceration.

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