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Vehicle Auctions

Vehicles available at auction


Pursuant to IC 5-22-21-11:

The [IDOA] commissioner may prohibit any of the following from bidding on property sold under this chapter or IC 5-22-22 [state surplus personal property] when a state employee has participated in the disposal process of the state agency that has possession of the property:

  1. The state employee.
  2. The spouse of the state employee.
  3. An unemancipated child of the state employee.
  4. An agent of any of the individuals described in subdivisions (1) through (3).

The IDOA commissioner has determined that any individual involved with the disposal of state owned vehicles, including but not limited to individuals whose job it is to manage the asset inventory, those individuals involved with the vehicle auctioneer selection process, or any individual who determines which specific vehicles are to be sold, are prohibited from bidding on surplus state-owned vehicles. It is further understood that state employees must be on preapproved leave time (i.e vacation or personnel time) when attending such auctions.

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