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Surplus Sales to Local Government

Property not sold or transferred to a state agency may be offered to local units of government (LG's).

Sealed Bid Sales

By law, State Surplus may first offer all state-owned surplus property that had an original acquisition cost of $2,500 or more to local units of government through the sealed bid process. To receive notifications of sale opportunities, send your full local government name and address to:

State Surplus
601 W. McCarty Street, Suite 100
Indianapolis, In 46225

Please help us reduce mailing costs by sending your email address to Christina Hamilton. By doing so, you will be added to our local unit of government email distribution list. Notifications of sales to Local Units of Government contain the name and phone number of the contact person for each surplus property location.

Once you receive the notice, you may request a bid packet by phoning 317-234-3685. State the sale number, your name, the name of your agency and the agency's full address. A bid packet will be mailed to you, or you may pick one up at our facility. You may also print a bid sheet and submit it in your own business size envelope.  Put the sale number and bid due date on the outside of the envelope.

The bid sheet has detailed instructions. Failure to follow the instructions will result in a rejection of your bid. Local units of government may present a claim voucher; full payment is due within 90 days from the date of the sale. Local units of government are also welcome to bid at our public auction. No special preference is given to local units of government at the public auction.

NOTE: Vehicle Sales/Auctions are handled by Fleet Services.

Other Sales to LGs

The State Surplus Division frequently offers other state-owned surplus property to LGs.

Current online auctions to the public can be viewed at the following website: .

Furniture and office supplies are normally available in our State Surplus warehouse in limited quantities at a very reasonable price.  Below are examples:

Indiana State Surplus Property

 Bookcase  $20.00 ea.
 Cart  $15.00 ea.
 Chair, stacking  $15.00 ea.
 Chair, office, fabric  $25.00 ea.
 Chair, office, all wood  $15.00 ea.
 Couch  $50.00 ea.
 Credenza  $25.00 ea.
 Desk, metal or wood  $35.00 ea.
Desk w/extension or L-shaped  $50.00 ea.
 File cabinet, 2-drawer vertical  $20.00 ea.
 File cabinet, 4 or 5 drawer vertical  $30.00 ea.
 File cabinet, lateral (all drawers)  $50.00 ea.
 partitions (room dividers) (all sizes)  $  6.00 ea.
 Storage cabinet, metal  $35.00 ea.
 Storage cabinet, wood  $25.00 ea.
 Table (all sizes)

$20.00 ea.

Price is negotiable on all other items such as office supplies and equipment, etc.

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