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This page applies only to property sold by the Indiana State Surplus Division.

Surplus Real Estate

Vehicle Sales

Other State-owned surplus property not redistributed to State Agencies and not sold to local units of government may be offered to the general public through on-line auctions or sealed bid sales.

The State of Indiana, by this invitation, does not hold itself out as a merchant in the ordinary course of selling such property, and expressly disclaims any warranties, expressed or implied, as to its merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Any and all such property shall be sold on an "as is" basis, with award to the highest and best bidder. The State of Indiana reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to stop a sale before it closes.

On-Line Auctions

The State Surplus Division is now using GovDeals to conduct online auctions.

Please visit to register and view what is posted online.

Our terms and conditions are posted on each active auction.

Sealed Bid Sales

The State Surplus Division also conducts sealed bid sales to the public for State-owned property that is not located at our warehouse in Indianapolis.

  • Farmland leases
  • Wetland trapping
  • Other State Agency property

All such sales are advertised at least 15 days prior to the bid due date in two Marion County news publications and also in two news publications in the county where the property is located (if outside Marion County). All bidders are required to submit a State Surplus Property Bid Form.

Potential bidders who want to receive personal notification of these sales are encouraged to send their email address to Christina Hamilton at She will add them to our email distribution list.

Once you receive the sale notice, you may print off a bid sheet from this page and use your own envelope or you may request a bid packet by calling 317-234-3685. State the sale number, your name, and the mailing address. Our office will mail the bid packet to you or you may pick one up at our facility.

The bid packet has detailed instructions. Failure to follow the instructions will result in a rejection of your bid.

State Surplus Property Bid Form

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