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State Property Facts at a Glance

  • Indiana is the 38th largest state in the U.S. as determined by total land area.
  • Indiana 's largest county: Allen *
  • Indiana 's smallest county: Ohio *
  • The longest point in Indiana is 276 miles (+-) and the widest point is 150 miles. Average length and width are 200 miles and 140 miles, respectively. *

State of Indiana Land Area
23,103,300 acres; 36,099 square miles

State of Indiana Ownership
424,901 acres, 1.8% of total state land area**

Federal Government Ownership
510,000 acres, 2.2% of total state land area **


1779 George Rogers Clark arrives in what is now the State of Indiana.

1787 Measurement of Clark survey begins.

1803 Indiana becomes a territory.

1816 Indiana is admitted to the Union as the 19th state.

1821 Indianapolis is chosen as site for the state capitol.

1842 Most of Indiana's 92 counties are settled and the land sold.

*Quoted from “Indiana Always,” April 1983 edition

**Approximate totals as of  December 2019

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