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Westville Correctional Facility

Westville Correctional Facility

Site History
The campus that is now Westville Correctional Facility was originally Beatty Memorial Hospital, a state-run mental health facility, which opened its doors in February of 1951. The hospital was named in honor of Dr. Norman Beatty, an Indianapolis doctor who had dedicated his career to mental health services. In 1974, a lawsuit filed in the US District Court forced the state to reduce overcrowding in its prisons, creating the need for another prison. Governor Otis Bowen and the Indiana legislature transferred Beatty Memorial Hospital to the Department of Correction. In July of 1979, following renovations and additions, Westville Correctional Facility was opened. In 1991, a 220-bed Maximum Control Complex was added. The facility now has a capacity for more than 3,400 incarcerated individuals, and offers multiple programs focused on community service and re-entry.

Current Status
The IDOA Public Works Division with Department of Corrections is currently planning the renovation of the property, which is scheduled to begin this year and expected to be completed in late 2026 to early 2027.

Future Use
IDOA and DOC have evaluated the needs of the State and determined the following goals of the Westville Correctional Facility renovation: improved safety for both the prison staff, the inmates residing in the facility, and the community. Additionally, a better use of the building space and layout lending itself to increased program opportunities as well as more efficient use of staffing expenditures and building costs.

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