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General Parking Regulations & Responsibilities

A person operating a motor vehicle on or about Indiana Government Center is subject to IGC traffic and parking rules in addition to all applicable state laws and local ordinances. A person operating a motor vehicle on or about the IGC campus who violates any applicable state law or local ordinance, in addition to the fines and penalties issued by the Indiana Department of Administration, shall be subject to all fines and penalties, including arrest and appearance in court, provided for by state law and local ordinances.

Driver Responsibilities

The person in whose name an access card is issued is responsible for all violations by all vehicles that gain entry to and exit from a parking area using that access card. Only the person holding parking privileges is authorized for permit parking.

Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. A lack of parking spaces, mechanical problems, inclement weather, or a disabled vehicle are not acceptable defenses to parking violations.

State employees/drivers must:

  • Obey all parking regulations, posted signs, and directions or instructions from garage personnel. The maximum speed limit is ten (10) miles per hour in garages and parking lots. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.
  • Display parking permits and hanging tags at all times so that they are clearly visible to garage staff and ISP Capitol Police officers.
  • Report any status change to their agency parking coordinator and to the parking garage office in which the employee parks.
  • Observe all designated "NO PARKING" zones, marked in yellow. Parking is not allowed in loading zones, the service vehicle dock area, or emergency zones. Vehicles may not block building entrances. Violators will be towed at operator's expense.

Employees who habitually violate parking policy may have their parking privileges revoked.

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