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Employee ID/Access Cards

All state employees or full-time contract employees who work at Indiana Government Center (IGC) are eligible for permit parking at an IGC surface lot or garage. Contractors working on a part-time or intermediate basis are not eligible for permit parking. Agencies that have agreed to provide parking for contractors must do so by making prior arrangements to reimburse Parking Services for the parking expense incurred by the contractor.

Access to state parking areas is granted to Government Center employees via a state-issued access card, which also serves as your state ID badge. Badges are provided to employees upon hiring, after completion and submission of a Credential and Access Request Form (State Form 52044). (See Requesting an Access Card below.)

Any change to information submitted on the original Access Request form should be reported to the Access Control Office or the agency parking coordinator as soon as possible. Changes may be submitted by e-mail, phone, or interdepartmental or US mail. Alternatively, the employee may stop by the office to report changes. Failure to report changes may result in deactivation of the access card. Cards may be reactivated upon submission of updated vehicle and driver information.

Access Control Office


Indiana Government South Building
402 W. Washington St., E130
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 7:30am - 3:30pm Eastern
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

New Employees

New employees are required to take a parking ticket from the entry terminals upon arrival in order to gain access to the parking facilities.  When the new employee is ready to leave the government center campus, the hosting agency will be required to validate the new employee’s parking ticket in order for them to exit the parking facility without payment.  New employees should be instructed to obtain an ID badge (access card) or temporary permit within the first three days of work.

Use and Display of ID Badges

A safe workplace starts with every individual that works on the Indiana Government Center campus displaying their access badge at all times.

According to the Credential and Access Request Policy, the following individuals whose main work location is the Indiana Government Center or surrounding locations should display their badge at all times:

  • All merit and non-merit agencies subject to the jurisdiction of the Governor’s Office.
  • All full and part time employees
  • Members of the legislature and their staff
  • Members of judiciary and their staff
  • Quasi-agencies and commissions of the State of Indiana
  • Consultants, contractors and service providers

Guidelines for badge wearers are as follows:

  • Safeguard your ID badge to prevent unauthorized use
  • Never allow another person to use your ID badge
  • Wear the ID badge in view at all times while on campus
  • Promptly report the loss of the ID badge to your supervisor
  • Promptly report the loss of the ID badge to the Indiana Department of Administration Access Control Office
  • Return your ID badge to their supervisor or Human Resource office when placed in a non-work status or upon termination of employment.

Terms of Access Card Parking Privileges

  • The issuance of a parking permit, hang tag, or ID badge for permitted parking signifies that the recipient has been granted the privilege of parking on state property and confers no ownership or property rights to the holder. All parking permits, hang tags, and ID badges remain the property of IDOA. Parking permits, hanging tags, and ID badges are not transferable. The parking permit, hanging tag, or ID badge may be used or displayed in any motor vehicle driven by the authorized employee.
  • The granting of permit parking to an employee does not guarantee the availability of a parking space but merely guarantees the opportunity to park within a designated area as defined by the privileges of the permit issued.
  • Parking registration forms are available from the parking coordinator for your agency.
  • Employees who have an access card but who work for agencies not housed within Indiana Government Center may use their access card at either garage.
  • A parking permit or hanging tag shall be displayed according to the article or the special instructions provided by parking services at the time of issuance. A parking permit or hanging tag is not considered valid unless it is displayed correctly on the motor vehicle. A hanging tag shall be hung from the rear view mirror post. For vehicles not having a rear view mirror post, the hang tag shall be clearly visible in the upper center of the front window of the motor vehicle. Any questions regarding the display of a parking permit or hanging tag must be directed to Parking Services.
  • Employees who drive state-owned vehicles must use their own access card to enter and exit the state parking garages.

Requesting an Access Card

  1. The requestor must complete and sign the Credential and Access Request form.
  2. The requestor's supervisor must sign the Credential and Access Request form.
    • If a requestor requires after hours access then the signature of the agency head or their designee will be required.
  3. The requestor must bring the Credential and Access Request form and a valid government issued picture ID to the Access Control Office. The Access Control Office will take a photo of the requestor and create the Access Card/ID badge.

Non-employee ID badges will be active for a maximum of three (3) months. After three (3) months, the ID badge will be automatically deactivated unless the badge holder submits a new Credential and Access Request form to the Access Control Office. When a new Credential and Access Request form is received, the Access Control Office will extend activation for another three (3) months.

Replacing Your Access Card

  • If an ID badge is lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the Access Control Office either in person or by calling 317-234-3875. After contacting the Access Control Office, notify your supervisor.
  • The employee may submit a Credential and Access Request form to the Access Control office to obtain a replacement ID badge if:
    • The ID badge is lost or stolen.
    • The badge holder's picture no longer accurately represents the badge holder.
    • If the ID badge becomes worn, damaged, or the photo fades.
  • Defective badges, hanging tags, or permits must be exchanged for replacement immediately.
  • If an ID badge has been reported as lost and is later found, the badge must be returned to the Access Control Office.
  • No employee may have more than one ID badge.
  • A replacement cost of $20.00 will be charged for badges that are lost, stolen or damaged due to neglect.

Returning Hanging Tags and Permits

Hanging tags and permits shall be returned to Parking Services or agency parking coordinator when an employee leaves state employment or is no longer eligible to have the hanging tag.

A permit or hang tag must be removed from the vehicle if:

  • The ownership of the vehicle changes.
  • The permitted individual's employment or association with IGC terminates.
  • The permit expires.
  • Parking Services issues another permit or hang tag.

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