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Accidents and Repairs

Report an Accident

Any accident involving a motor vehicle on or about the Indiana Government Center premises shall be reported to Indiana State Police Capitol Police within 24 hours of discovery.

Non-emergency: 317-232-8248

Emergency: 317-899-7711 or 317-899-7715

Vehicle Repair and Service

No repairs or services to vehicles may be performed within the parking garage, with the following exceptions:
  • Jump-starting a dead battery
  • Inflating a flat tire
  • Members of the parking garage staff are not permitted to change tires for individuals while they are on duty. If a vehicle requires the service of a wrecker or tow truck, arrangements must be made by the owner/driver. The owner/driver must be present in order for the vehicle to be removed from the parking garage or surface lot.

    ISP/Capitol Police Officers and parking garage staff are not permitted to unlock an employee's vehicle when keys are locked inside.

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