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Real Estate Leasing

The Leasing Division is responsible for the oversight of the leasing process. It also is responsible for reviewing and approving all real estate leases for State agencies under IC 4-20.5.

Real Estate Leasing assists state agencies by:

  • Publishing and distributing a manual about the leasing development process.
  • Publishing an annual report of all office, warehouse, parking and other miscellaneous leases where the State is the Tenant.
  • Providing training on an annual basis about the lease development process.
  • Provides Tenant Representative services when deemed appropriate.
  • Providing telephone assistance to State personnel, or pre-reviewing leases to facilitate the process.
  • Providing negotiation and price comparison expertise for State agencies.
  • Providing Boilerplate forms and leases to be used when leasing Real Estate.


For more information, or assistance developing your leases, contact

Steve Harless
Deputy Commissioner
402 W. Washington St.
Room 479
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 234-4724

Annual Report

  • 2023 Annual Lease Report | (.pdf)

Boilerplates and Documents

Real Estate Boilerplates and Documents

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