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Government Center Planning

The Indiana Department of Administration manages all space within the Indiana Government Center. As a part of this responsibility, the Department of Administration's Facilities Management division coordinates all interior space planning and building re-arrangement activities.

Renovations made by the Department of Administration will comply with building codes, fire codes, interior space design standards and practices, an standards adopted by the department themselves to any building system (electrical & mechanical) or partition system (IC 4-20.5-5)

If your agency would like to reorganize a department for better performance/production; change electrical outlets or lines, partitions, doors, cubicles, etc.; or construct or remove offices and conference rooms, etc., first call the Facilities Management division.

Space Planning/Building Re-arrangement Process

  1. Complete a "Request for Space Planning/Building Rearrangements" form (available below) and submit to to Facilities Management.
  2. Facilities Management will evaluate the request for code compliance and feasibility as well as evaluate the need for any formal design and/or engineering work.

Facilities Management has a small staff for work that can be done "in-house" (under 5 workstations). Larger projects, including the construction of more than 2 offices of over 5 workstations, will be contracted out.


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