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After the Award

The vendor(s) will be contacted by the contracting agency to start contract negotiations after the Award Recommendation Letter has been shared with the recommended Vendor and publically posted.

There are a few additional requirements to be aware of in order to enter into a contract with the state or receive payments from the state. These are not required at the time of IDOA bidder registration, and therefore may be completed at any time.

  • Your company must be registered with the Indiana Secretary of State . Both Indiana companies and out-of-state corporations are subject to this rule (IC 5-22-16-4).
  • In order for the State to issue payment, your company must complete and have on file with the Auditor of State the IRS W9 form and the Automated Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement (SF 47551). Both can be found on the Auditor of State’s website. All payments will be issued electronically by Direct Deposit unless a waiver is granted by the Auditor of State.


All payments shall be made 35 days in arrears in conformance with State fiscal policies and procedures and, as required by IC 4-13-2-14.8, the direct deposit by electronic funds transfer to the financial institution designated by the Contractor in writing unless a specific waiver has been obtained from the Indiana Auditor of State. No payments will be made in advance of receipt of the goods or services that are the subject of this Contract except as permitted by IC 4-13-2-20.

The State Budget Agency and the Contractor acknowledge that  if  the Contractor is being paid in advance for the maintenance of equipment and/ or software.  Pursuant to IC 4-13-2-20(b)(14), Contractor agrees that if it fails to perform the maintenance required under this Contract, upon receipt of written notice from the State, it shall promptly refund the consideration paid, pro-rated through the date of non-performance.


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