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Purchase Order Processing

Verify and Complete the Purchase Order | (.pdf)

9.2 updates to PO Processing

Approving a Purchase Order | (.pdf)

Assets on Requisitions and Purchase Orders | (.doc)

Canceling/Closing Purchase Orders (Encumbrance Management)
Navigation: PeopleSoft Financials Documents>Training Documents>EPro, Requisition and Purchasing Training>Clean Up Documentation

Copying new Requisition lines to an existing PO | (.pdf)

Correcting Document Tolerance Errors | (.doc)

ePro Searches & Shortcuts | (.xls)

IGC Dock Requirements | (.pdf)

Lease Guide for ePro Users | (.pdf)

PO Payment Terms | (.xls)

Policy for Contract Amendments and Renewals | (.pdf)

Purchase Order Line Adjustment | (.pdf)

Purchase Order Line Price Adjustments | (.doc)

Selecting an Order Address on a Purchase Order | (.doc)

Shipping/Freight Charges | (.pdf)

Supplier/Bidder Micro Training | (Launch)
This 10-minute training will cover a few important reminders from the Supplier Portal training, the important pieces of the bidder profile, finding the Bidder ID, finding the Supplier ID and its connection to the Bidder ID.

Supplier Portal Training |  (Launch)
This training will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete. It will show you the Supplier Portal training created for bidders which walks them through the following: the process to determine if a bidder profile already exists, how to sign into the Supplier Portal, what can be accessed or updated after signing in, how to sign out, where to find related information on the IDOA website, and how to submit a request for assistance.

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