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Award Recommendations

Award DateEvent Information
05/14/2021RFP-21-66919 Lab Analytical Svc Fish Tissues
05/03/2021Bid-560-21-67297 iPads
04/23/2021RFP-21-3144 Medical Services
04/07/2021RFP-100-21-66665 Body Worn Camera Solution
04/06/2021RFP-21-2662 Indiana Career Explorer System
04/01/2021RFP-21-2234 IEDSS System Maintenance and Operations (Cancelled)
03/29/2021RFP-21-3605 External Evaluation Services
03/22/2021RFP-21-1179 Online Learning Management System
03/09/2021RFI-21-66669 Opioid Treatment Program
03/08/2021RFP-21-1950 Victim Notification System
03/08/2021RFP-21-3530 Waste Tire Removal
02/15/2021RFP-21-3754 Lottery Drawing Witness
02/01/2021RFP-21-2422 Item Bank and Authoring System
01/29/2021BID ASA-21-2430 Bulk Toilet Tissue
01/28/2021RFP-21-2633 Laboratory Supplies and Related Services
01/22/2021RFP-21-2355 Fraud and Abuse Detection System (FADS)
01/22/2021RFP-20-1941 Universal Screening for Social Emotional Learning
01/22/2021RFP-21-3389 Volunteer Program Curriculum Development
01/11/2021RFP-21-1978 Emergency Lighting
01/11/2021RFP-21-1945 OECOSL Software Systems
01/06/2021RFP-20-966 21st Century Community Learning Centers Out-Of-School-Time Technical Assistance Partner
01/06/2021RPF-21-3036 Equine Drug Testing
12/30/2020RFP-21-2133 Drug Testing Service
12/17/2020RFP-21-2486 Indiana Orthoimagery Program
12/14/2020RFP-21-2721 Identity Fraud Detection Services
12/03/2020RFP-21-2059 Broker Enrollment Services
11/24/2020RFP-21-2664 Behavioral Health GAP
11/17/2020RFP-21-1935 Juvenile Food Service
11/16/2020RFP-20-1311 Interpretation Services Telephonic
11/06/2020RFP-20-748 Offender Management System
11/02/2020RFP-20-1311 Interpretation Services
10/22/2020RFP-21-1076 Compliance Evaluation and Strategic Plan Development
10/22/2020BID 665-21-2457 Trash Removal Services
10/20/2020RFP-21-1788 Single Imaging Vendor
10/07/2020RFP-21-873 License Plates and Registration Documents
09/18/2020RFP-21-1286 30 Day Assessment
09/16/2020RFP-19-089 Janitorial Services