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Award Recommendations

Award DateEvent Information
06/09/2023Bid 23-74607 (WIC) Formula Cost-Containment System
05/26/2023RFP 23-73841 CCIMS
05/24/2023RFP 23-74522 CCRR CO
05/23/2023RFP 23-72117 CMLX
05/22/2023RFP 23-72929 New Hire Reporting Program
05/22/202323-72020 NG911 Managed Network and Call Delivery
05/18/2023Bid 300-23-75450 Laminated Nursery Wrap
05/15/2023ASA-24-75304 Laboratory, Welding, & Medical Gases
05/12/2023RFP 23-73611 IEP ILP
05/08/2023RFP 24-74659 VISIT Cancellation
04/27/2023RFP 23-73290 UI Payment Distribution
04/21/2023ASA-23-74580 Fish Feed
04/11/2023RFP 23-73094 BMV STARS Award Recommendation
04/06/2023RFP-23-74438 Pharmacy Management
04/06/2023RFP-23-73025 Jail Based Competency Restoration Services
04/06/2023RFP-23-72828 Gaming Laboratory Certification Testing Services
03/30/2023RFP 23-72645 Bull Email and SMS Comm tool - Cancellation
03/14/2023RFP-23-73695 First Steps System Point of Entry
03/10/2023RFP-23-74513 HFFF
03/07/2023Bid 100-23-74080; Motorcycle Leasing
03/03/2023RFP 23-72798 Four County Landfill Leachate Disposal Services
03/01/2023RFP 23-72118 MLTSS
02/23/2023RFP 103-2373679 Food Sevice Operations
02/17/2023RFP 23-72539 State Library Courier Services
02/17/2023BID 100-23-74086 Firearms Exchange Services (Reverse Auction with trade)
02/16/2023RFP 23-74149 Speech Medical Chart Review
02/16/2023RFP 23-72658 Strategic Stockpile and Logistics Services
02/06/2023ASA-23-73681 Forensic Laboratory Supplies
02/03/2023BID 650-23-74353 Waste Removal
02/02/2023RFP-23-72518 Pre-ETS
01/25/2023RFP 22-70877 - Data Collection Services for the Indiana (BRFSS)
01/19/2023RFP-22-71342 Carpet Tile Award Cancellation
01/13/2023RFP-22-68206 Sport and Commercial Licensing Solution
01/11/2023RFP 23-72675 Enrollment Services
12/22/2022RFP 22-69035 Commissary
12/16/2022RFS 23-72538 Internet Access and WAN Connectivity Services
12/09/2022RFP-23-72042 Statewide Broadband Plan
11/29/2022Bid 502-23-73218 Process Server Services
11/17/2022RFP 23-72023 OV&V
11/16/2022RFP 22-71736 Assessment of Federal
11/09/2022RFP-22-71898 Educator Talent Pipeline Partner Cancelation
11/07/2022Bid 515- 23-72534 Chemicals
11/04/2022RFP 22-71500 HA Coordinator Gifted Programming
11/01/2022RFP-22-70641 Rental Vehicles and Related Services
10/28/2022RFP-22-71644 Medical Chart Review
10/14/2022RFP-22-71589 Competency Attainment Services
10/04/2022RFP-22-70621 Workload Automation
10/04/2022RFP 22-71455 PAUM
10/03/2022Bid 615-23-72324 Ammo
10/03/2022RFP 22-71967 Vending Machines
09/21/2022385-23-72033 Mobile Driving Simulator
09/20/2022385-23-72185 EOC Video Wall
09/15/2022BID 385-23-72188 Mobile Live Fire Trailer
09/14/2022RFP 22-70302 All Payer Claims Database
09/09/2022RFP-22-70538 Rehabilitation of Impaired Pharmacy Professional
09/06/2022BID 385-22-70933 SCBA Equipment
08/30/2022RFP 22-70670 Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP)
08/16/2022RFP-22-68786 IT Software VAR and Related Services
08/11/2022RFP 22-71264 Doc Center Services
08/05/2022RFP-22-70333 Administrative Code
08/03/2022Bid 300-23-72034 Golf Course Maintenance Equipment
07/29/2022RFP-22-70053 Pharmacy Benefit Management Services
07/27/2022RFP 22-69153 Community Mental Health Assess
07/12/2022RFP 22-71497 IEP Technical Assistance
07/08/2022RFP-22-70307 Mobile Crisis Services
07/06/2022RFP 22-70230 IEDSS
06/30/2022RFP-22-69833 Indiana State Nurses Assistance Program
06/20/2022RFP 22-71266 Water
06/15/2022RFP-22-70376 MMIS
06/10/2022ASA-22-71384 Road Salt 2022-2023
06/09/2022Bid 502-22-71775 Furniture
06/09/2022RFP 22-69735 OV and V
06/01/2022RFP-22-70622 I AM Research
05/17/2022RFP-22-69733- MHFRP
05/16/2022RFP-22-69462 Parent Locater
05/13/2022RFP-22-70514 988 Software
04/28/2022Bid 300-22-70650 Golf Carts, Utility Carts
04/18/2022RFP 22-69438 BCCP
04/06/2022RFP-22-70334 STEM and Literacy Plan Work
03/31/2022RFP-22-69377 Training and Technical Services
03/31/2022RFP-22-69116 Adoption and Guardianship Services
03/17/2022RFP-22-68421 Medical Supplies
03/11/2022RFP-22-68661 Diabetic Rebate Services
03/09/2022RFP-22-69574 Premium Vendor Services
03/04/2022Bid 235-22-70328 Motorcycles for Training
03/04/2022RFS 22-67238 -PTCard
01/24/2022RFP-22-68650 Contact Center as a Service
01/11/2022RFP-22-68345 Central and Regional Change Center Eligibility Operations
01/10/2022RFP-22-68152 HHW-HIP
01/05/2022RFP-22-68274 ILEARN, IREAD-3, and I AM Assessments
12/02/2021RFP-22-68795 General Building Maintenance and Repair
11/29/2021RFP-22-68692 Vocational Education
11/08/2021RFP-22-68785 HIV Medical Benefits Admin
10/28/2021RFP-21-67284 Laboratory Analytical Services for Environmental Samples
10/25/2021RFP-22-68153 Laboratory Analytical Services
10/22/2021RFP 21-67147 Managed Services Provider
10/21/2021RFP-20-1351 Payment Processing Services
10/19/2021ASA-22-2573 Bulk Fuel
10/18/2021RFP-22-67771 Medical Chart Review
10/08/2021BID 385-22-68491 Mobile Class A Live Fire Training Trailer
10/01/2021RFS-22-67778 Case Management Services
10/01/2021RFP-22-68200 Cloud Based Internal Control-Internal Audit Platform
09/24/2021BID 100-22-68743 Comparison Microscopes
09/03/2021RFP-21-66980 Indiana Tobacco Quitline
08/25/2021RFS-22-68732 Cancellation
08/20/2021RFP-22-67411 Well-Rounded Course Access Framework
08/17/2021RFP-21-67553 Douglas Road Site Services
08/16/2021RFP-21-68066 Healthcare EQR
08/05/2021103-22-68280 Technology Upgrade
08/04/2021RFS-21-68067 Security Controls Audit
07/27/2021RFS-21-67773 Mobile Swine Euthanasia Unit
07/19/2021RFP-21-66406 Uniforms and Related Items
06/30/2021RFP-21-66211 TPA EAP DW
06/25/2021ASA-21-67366 Archival Supplies
06/25/2021RFP-21-67165 Tenant Brokerage Services
06/18/2021RFP-20-058 Accessibility for Disabled (ADA)
06/18/2021RFP-20-059 Overhead Doors
06/18/2021RFP-21-66986 Air Data Management System
06/14/2021RFS-21-67195 Cancer Control Evaluation Services
06/14/2021ASA-21-66603 Fingerprinting Services
06/14/2021ASA-21-67522 Road Salt
06/10/2021RFP-21-67029 High School Equivalency Record Management
06/03/2021RFP-21-66601 Educational Services
06/01/2021RFP-21-66776 SEOW
05/24/2021ASA-19-114 Uniform and Accessories
05/14/2021RFP-21-66919 Lab Analytical Svc Fish Tissues
05/03/2021Bid-560-21-67297 iPads
04/23/2021RFP-21-3144 Medical Services
04/07/2021RFP-100-21-66665 Body Worn Camera Solution
04/06/2021RFP-21-2662 Indiana Career Explorer System
04/01/2021RFP-21-2234 IEDSS System Maintenance and Operations (Cancelled)
03/29/2021RFP-21-3605 External Evaluation Services
03/22/2021RFP-21-1179 Online Learning Management System
03/09/2021RFI-21-66669 Opioid Treatment Program
03/08/2021RFP-21-3530 Waste Tire Removal
03/08/2021RFP-21-1950 Victim Notification System
02/15/2021RFP-21-3754 Lottery Drawing Witness
02/01/2021RFP-21-2422 Item Bank and Authoring System
01/29/2021BID ASA-21-2430 Bulk Toilet Tissue
01/28/2021RFP-21-2633 Laboratory Supplies and Related Services
01/22/2021RFP-20-1941 Universal Screening for Social Emotional Learning
01/22/2021RFP-21-2355 Fraud and Abuse Detection System (FADS)
01/22/2021RFP-21-3389 Volunteer Program Curriculum Development
01/11/2021RFP-21-1978 Emergency Lighting
01/11/2021RFP-21-1945 OECOSL Software Systems
01/06/2021RFP-20-966 21st Century Community Learning Centers Out-Of-School-Time Technical Assistance Partner
01/06/2021RPF-21-3036 Equine Drug Testing
12/30/2020RFP-21-2133 Drug Testing Service
12/17/2020RFP-21-2486 Indiana Orthoimagery Program
12/14/2020RFP-21-2721 Identity Fraud Detection Services
12/03/2020RFP-21-2059 Broker Enrollment Services
11/24/2020RFP-21-2664 Behavioral Health GAP
11/17/2020RFP-21-1935 Juvenile Food Service
11/16/2020RFP-20-1311 Interpretation Services Telephonic
11/06/2020RFP-20-748 Offender Management System
11/02/2020RFP-20-1311 Interpretation Services
10/22/2020RFP-21-1076 Compliance Evaluation and Strategic Plan Development
10/22/2020BID 665-21-2457 Trash Removal Services
10/20/2020RFP-21-1788 Single Imaging Vendor
10/07/2020RFP-21-873 License Plates and Registration Documents
09/18/2020RFP-21-1286 30 Day Assessment

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