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Uniform & Industrial Laundry

QPA 15709 | Cintas


Uniform Rental is full rental, laundry and garment repair service provided entirely by the vendor. Uniform Leasing is where the employee is responsible for the laundering and repairs on the garment.  Industrial Laundry rental is the only option available for items used by mechanics, janitorial services, and floor mats.

How to purchase

When first requesting uniforms, fittings and measurements for all necessary employees must be done prior to account set up.  It will usually take six to eight weeks for uniforms to be ordered and customized once products have been determined.  If items are to be personalized with the agency and/or employee’s name, additional time may be necessary.


Delivery set up by the agency on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis after service items have been determined.  Each State Using Agency will designate an employee to inspect the garments/products and verify the count of each pickup and delivery. An itemized slip shall accompany each delivery.

Vendor Contact

Eric Palmer
Major Account Manager
Phone: (812)-777-4544

Aiman Barakat  
Billing Vendor Representative/ Program Manager
Phone: (708)-910-6357

IDOA Contact

Kelsie Baire
(317) 234-2142

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