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Medical Supplies - QPA 73575

QPA 73575

McKesson Medical Surgical Government Solutions, LLC

Contract #0000000000000000000073575

About MMCAP Infuse

MMCAP Infuse is a national cooperative group purchasing organization for government facilities that provide healthcare services.  Established in 1985, MMCAP Infuse is operated by the State of Minnesota’s Office of State Procurement and follows stringent procurement guidelines.  MMCAP Infuse's mission is to ensure best value through competitively bid contracts that leverage aggregated member volume to drive deeper discounts.  MMCAP Infuse is self-funded by vendor administrative fees, with 100% of unused vendor fees returned to member facilities as a wholesaler/distributor credit.

MMCAP Infuse Membership

MMCAP Infuse provides a comprehensive portfolio of pharmaceutical, vaccine, and healthcare products and services contracts – competitively awarded and ready for use by state agencies, as well as counties, cities, school districts and other political subdivisions.  Use of MMCAP Infuse contracts is free for members and purchasing from these contracts is voluntary with no commitment to a purchase minimum.  MMCAP Infuse has over 26,000 member facilities in all 50 states.

If your facility is not already rostered, complete the MMCAP Infuse membership application.

Once your membership application is approved, your facility will be able to establish a vendor account using your MMCAP Infuse member ID number.

MMCAP Infuse Membership Application

Contract Details

This MMCAP Infuse contract covers a broad range of medical products, supplies, equipment, and services, including high demand products such as: point of care test kits; needles and syringes; bandaging and dressings; incontinence care products; gloves, masks, and other PPE; breast pumps; and more.

Members can access a full copy of the contract, procurement certification, price file and vendor contact information on the MMCAP Infuse website.


Arthur Sample IV
Procurement Specialist

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