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QPA #38025 - Blank Page Marketing

Introduction from Blank Page Marketing

We can list agency services a mile long, call ourselves “fully-integrated” and talk about being able to do it all. But, what we do comes down to two questions: 1) What’s your objective? 2) What’s the best way to make it happen? Our strategy is built on your goals. Then, we make that happen. On budget, on time, on target.

Here’s what we do, and do well. Events: Need a plan, someone to think audience first and execute down to the final minute detail? From theme to exit survey, we have it covered. Strategy: Blank pages are made to start from scratch. What can we do? Let’s create a unique plan with all the spreadsheets, KPI’s and metrics to make sure it’s happening. Data visualization: Seventy pages of charts, graphs and data? We take technical and make it accessible. Unique audiences: B2B? Policymakers? Rural? We focus on communicating to the not-your-average consumer of information. We understand niche audiences and how to reach ‘em.

Contact Information

Primary Contact:
Tiffany Obrecht
1532 S. East St.
Indianapolis, IN 46225
(463) 221-3722


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