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Fuel & Re-Refined Oil

The state of Indiana has competitively bid and negotiated contracts that support agency needs associated with fuel and oil.

IDOA Vendor Manager
Tanner Ballinger
(317) 233-2436

Bulk Fuel


ASA 16-005 for Bulk Fuel was awarded to Co-Alliance.

QPA 15672

Vendor Contact
Doug Henderson
Phone: (317) 557-1877

Propane (LP) Fuel

Suburban Propane

ASA 13-68 for LP Fuel was awarded to Suburban Propane.

QPA 13084

Vendor Contact
Mark Murphy
Phone: (513) 218-1076

Re-Refined Oil


ASA 16-070 for Re-Refined Oil was awarded to Safety-Kleen. This QPA is now available for use by state agencies, cities, towns, K-12 schools, universities and other governmental entities.

QPA 15922

Vendor Contact
Ted Warner
Phone: (219) 362-2837

Items on the QPA are part of Safety-Kleen's ECOPOWER brand of sustainable products.

For more information regarding Safety-Kleen's complete line of products and services (including non-QPA products and services), please reference the Safety-Kleen Catalog. Safety-Kleen's website contains valuable information on all of their products, including parts washers, as well as oil and coolant recycling. Consult with the contract manager first to request non-QPA products and services.

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