Hand Held Metal Detector Program

Per Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb’s announcement on July 9, 2018, the State of Indiana will provide one hand held metal detector device per every 250 students in a school corporation at no cost to the districts.

To accurately collect the desired quantity and delivery information for each school in a district, the State requests schools input information into the K12Indiana purchasing portal’s demand aggregate tool.

Responses must be entered during July 9-19, 2018 to receive the requested devices by mid-August.

Because this is the only way for school districts to receive their devices, it is critical that each district have the necessary individual(s) registered on www.K12Indiana.com as soon as possible. This will ensure the decision maker(s) are informed throughout this process.

Enrollment by School

Schools may utilize the below documents that reflect October Pupil Enrollment count from the 2017-18 school year to guide their requests for metal detectors.


In order to speed up the registration process and make sure all schools can access the website to request the district’s hand held metal detector(s), accounts have been created in the school superintendent’s name if one did not already exist for an individual at that district.

Usernames and passwords for those new accounts were e-mailed from info@k12indiana.com on July 9, 2018.

If there are any questions or additional users need to be registered, please contact info@k12indiana.com.

Product Information

Information on the Garrett Tactical Hand Held Metal Detector can be found here.

Additional Assistance

Instructional guides have been created to help guide you through the process of entering your quantity and school information.


All questions can be sent to info@k12indiana.com.