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Electronic Contracting

Supplier Contract Management (SCM)

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Use Internet Explorer when launching PeopleSoft ELM

After Monday, Nov. 19 please use Internet Explorer as your browser when completing IDOA training exercises. If you use another browser you could experience launch errors or your training may not get marked as completed.

Training & Manuals

Creating/Importing Contracts and Amendments

Training | Register for instructor led training in PeopleSoft ELM

Creating Contracts and Amendments Manual | (.pdf)
Importing Contracts and Amendments Manual | (.pdf)
MOU Instructions | (.pdf) 

  • Editing Templates Process

    The training shows the process to copy and paste a fully edited contract (produced outside of PeopleSoft) into the SCM Contract Document created by selecting the corresponding SOI template.  One example of when a contract author might use this process is to copy an agency specific Grant template into the Word document created by selecting the Document Type SOI_GRANTS.

    Training I Launch

    This 15 minute video will walk through the steps to edit and upload the text contract document covered on pages Phase2-5 through Phase2-9 of the Creating Contracts and Amendments manual.

  • Creating Contracts and Amendments Quick Guide | (.pdf)
  • Converting PDF files to TIF files in order to insert them into SCM Contract Document Exhibits/Attachments | (.pdf)

Internal Collaboration

An Internal Collaborator will review and/or edit the SCM contract text document draft and provide comments to the Contract Administrator.

Training | Online training is provided in PeopleSoft ELM

Internal Collaboration Manual | (.pdf)

Microsoft Word : Track Changes

Tracking changes in Microsoft Word may be used as the Internal Collaborator edits the SCM Text Contract Document draft.

Microsoft Word: How to Track Changes in Documents | Launch
This 4.5 minute video covers the basics of tracking changes in Microsoft Word.

Vendor Signature Process

A vendor will electronically sign the SCM Contract Document once the State's Contract Administrator has completed the final version of the contract document.

Training Video | 10 minutes | Launch

How to eSign a Contract - Vendor Manual

Troubleshooting Guide | (.pdf)

Internal Signature Process

An Internal Signer will electronically sign the SCM contract prior to it being routed to the oversight agencies (IDOA, IOT, SBA and AG) for approval.

Training | Online training is provided in PeopleSoft ELM

Internal eSigning a Contract Manual

Approval Process

An oversight agency Approver will review a SCM Contract Document after it has been signed by the vendor, the State agency and any other Approvers that came before him/her. The Approver will approve or deny the contract.

Training | Launch

Approval Process Manual | (.pdf)

Contract Release from Executed SCM Contract

Using this process, a Purchase Order for an executed contract is created using the financial and line item information from the Transactional Contract Document.

Training | Launch

Contract Release from Executed SCM Contract Manual | (.pdf)

Purchase Order Line Adjustment | (.pdf)


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