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Supplier Contract Management (SCM)

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Training & Manuals

Creating/Importing Contracts and Amendments

Training | Register for instructor led training in PeopleSoft ELM

Creating Contracts and Amendments Manual | (.pdf)
Importing Contracts and Amendments Manual | (.pdf)
MOU Instructions | (.pdf) 

  • Creating Contracts and Amendments Quick Guide | (.pdf)
  • Converting files to TIF to insert into an SCM Contract Document | (.pdf)

Internal Collaboration

An Internal Collaborator will review and/or edit the SCM contract text document draft and provide comments to the Contract Administrator.

Training | Online training is provided in PeopleSoft ELM

Internal Collaboration Manual | (.pdf)

How to Track Changes in Documents

Tracking changes in Microsoft Word may be used as the Internal Collaborator edits the SCM Text Contract Document draft.

Microsoft Word: How to Track Changes in Documents | Launch
This 4.5 minute video covers the basics of tracking changes in Microsoft Word.


eSigning a Contract

Vendor Signature Process

A vendor will electronically sign the SCM Contract Document once the State's Contract Administrator has completed the final version of the contract document.

Training | Launch
This 10 minute video will walk through the steps for a vendor to eSign a contract.

Vendor eSigning a Contract Manual

Troubleshooting Guide | (.pdf)

Internal Signature Process

An Internal Signer will electronically sign the SCM contract prior to it being routed to the oversight agencies (IDOA, IOT, SBA and AG) for approval.

Training | Online training is provided in PeopleSoft ELM

Internal Signing a Contract Manual using Adobe Reader 11| (.pdf)

Approval Process

An oversight agency Approver will review a SCM Contract Document after it has been signed by the vendor, the State agency and any other Approvers that came before him/her. The Approver will approve or deny the contract.

Training | Launch

Approval Process Manual | (.pdf)

Contract Release from Executed SCM ContractContract Release Training

Using this process, a Purchase Order for an executed contract is created using the financial and line item information from the Transactional Contract Document.

Training | Launch

Contract Release from Executed SCM Contract Manual | (.pdf)

Purchase Order Line Adjustment | (.pdf)