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eSigning Electronic Contracts

Electronic Contracting Process

Many agencies with the state of Indiana are using the Supplier Contract Management module (SCM). With this process, contracts will be signed and tracked electronically.

System Requirements

  • Adobe reader version 10.0 or later is required 
    If needed, the signatory can download a free copy at www.adobe.com/reader/
  • Internet Explorer version 11.0 or earlier and Mozilla Firefox are the acceptable browsers
    (Google Chrome is not compatible)
  • The awarded vendor must have an active Bidder Profile Registration

Training Materials

Once the state contract administrator/author has completed the final version of the contract document, then it is sent to the vendor to sign electronically.

Training Video | 10 minutes | Launch

How to eSign a Contract - Vendor Manual

Troubleshooting Guide | (.pdf)


Supplier Portal | Sign In


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